The Ultimate Fitness Guide For Couples - Stay Fit, Stay Happy

Few tips and guidelines for the couples to stay fresh, stay fit and stay together.

Author: Neha Grover | Updated: August 24, 2018 6:23 IST

Being fit for your own well being and health is important and it’s even better to achieve this target with the love of your life! To be physically fit, the focus must be on nutrition, moderate exercise, and sufficient rest. 


Here are a few tips and guidelines for the new couple to stay fresh, robust, and happy together! 



We know how tempting it is to order a pizza while cosying up with your loved one in front of the television. But, don't make it a habit, please. Eating healthy has countless benefits - It controls your weight, improves your mood, combats diseases, makes your immune system stronger, boosts energy and improves the quality of life.



How to Eat Healthily-  

1. Prepare meals at home with your partner
This way you can be sure of what you’re eating and monitor your food consumption. Spice it up by making meals together and converting it into a date night. This also gives you a fantastic opportunity to know each other's likes and dislikes - an important ingredient for a happy married life.

2. Don’t be too concerned with the calorie intake
Concentrate on buying fresh food rather than packaged food. Cut down on sugar. Instead of buying, make fresh fruit juice at home. Pop some chopped fruits and veggies into the blender, pour into two mugs and then have a chugging competition with your partner. 

3. Take your time, eat slowly
It takes a few minutes for your brain to tell your body that it has had enough food. Use that time to chat and converse, catch up on the day’s events. Vent out a bit, laugh a lot and enjoy. 

4. Drink plenty of water and fluids
Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, which are bulked up on fibers. If you both like non-vegetarian food, don’t forget to chuck in a few chunks of chicken in your salad or prepare that delicious but simple grilled fish. Munch on healthy snacks like dips and sticks when you’re chilling in front of the TV.

Eating healthy is not about having strict diet restrictions or an unrealistic body image. It’s about feeling great from within. So, don’t stop drinking your occasional glass of wine or beer. Have fun, eat out but in moderation.




It’s always healthy to be active and energetic. Exercising reduces stress, produces the happy chemicals in your body and you get to enjoy the great outdoors as well. Here are some moves that you could try out with your partner to keep your relationship in full bloom. 



1. Salsa
As clichéd as it might sound, but salsa never gets old. So grab your significant other, your shoes and dance those calories off in one of the sexiest ways possible! 

2. Planks
Compete with your partner and see who can last longer. The one who loses must give a wonderful shoulder massage to the other. This way you’ll be motivating yourself to exercise and you’ll be working all the muscles you need to maintain a proper body posture. It's always good to be standing straight and proud next to each other. 

3. Acro-Yoga
If you want to try something different, innovative and crazy, this one’s for you. Acro yoga is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics. It is tough, but if you get it right, it’s loads of fun! However, please be careful and don’t try stunts unless you’re confident and have warmed up your body first. It's always better to do it under the supervision of an expert. 

4. Yoga
You could also try out something that’s calming and relaxing. Yoga is a complete mind-body workout that stretches and elasticises all your muscles and strengthens your body through asanas, deep breathing and meditation. Doing it together will brings your minds on the same level and you will love how your thought process will start getting aligned. 



If these activities don’t appeal to you, you could start with simple workout exercises such as lunges and squats with each other’s company. If nothing else, put on your running shoes and just go out for an early morning run. Feel the wind on your face, let yourself loose, behave like kids and race each other till you’re out of breath. Most importantly, have fun! 


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