Is Flirting After Marriage Okay? Find Out Here

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Marriage is an institution that works on trust and loyalty. Getting married to an individual indicates that you are ready to spend the rest of your life loving them, caring for them and having them by your side. But after a while, most married couples feel boredom penetrating through their bond and hence, they start to flirt with other men and women apart from their partners.


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Even though this exercise is common but most couples decide to not discuss it. Some feel guilty, some go ahead considering it a necessity but almost everybody is unsure whether flirting after marriage is equivalent to cheating or no! Well, here’s the answer –


Flirting can be of two kinds – Healthy flirting and cheating. Even though there is a very thin line between the two, one has to have a strong resisting power to prevent healthy flirting to transform into cheating. Now, the difference between the two is clear! Healthy flirting is something that is rarely practiced and that too can be done to make your partner a little jealous and insecure. Make sure to not cross the line but making you partner a little jealous can help eradicate that ‘taken for granted’ feeling and give your relationship a fresh start. Whereas, cheating involves a lot more! Your partner is completely aloof of any other individual in your life. There is a lot of lying involved and you tend to make excuses for everything. Physical attraction and involvement are other very prominent factors and also, your focus starts deviating from necessary household chores and other responsibilities towards personal pleasure.


You might keep your partner in the dark but cheating cannot go on for very long. It’s a breach of trust that can shatter your partner and create a void in your relationship forever.


Even though we strongly suggest that any kind of flirting after marriage should be avoided. If at all you feel that your life needs some spice, try developing the same with your husband/wife who has been with you through thick and thin!

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