Warning : 5 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Your Wedding Day

For the modern day health conscious brides, if a healthy bridal diet is followed with proper consumption of protein filled and vitamin enriched food, it won’t only keep you in shape but also help you in maintaining the bridal glow.

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The wedding day for any bride has to be perfect from every angle; it is her day to look perfect and feel perfect. The best bridal look is assured with all gorgeous attires and makeup but what is desired by modern day Indian brides is not only looking good but feeling fit and healthy from inside-out.

For the modern day health conscious brides, if a healthy bridal diet is followed with proper consumption of protein filled and vitamin enriched food, it won’t only keep you in shape but also help you in maintaining the bridal glow. Not every food you consume is good for your health and specially to the modern health conscious Indian brides it is important to check what are the food she needs to avoid before her D-DAY to maintain her health and glow.

Here in we bring in a list of food that must be avoided before your wedding to keep you healthy and bright. 


1. Dried Fruits

Aren’t dried fruits supposed to be in the pack of healthy food? Yes, it sure is full of minerals and vitamins but it is not what you should rely upon before your wedding. Dry fruits all together are the hub of fructose that is fruit sugar and the intake of fructose is not considered to be healthy and must be avoided before your d-day. Consumption of fructose retains the body water and causes gas and even leads the body to swell up. Thus it won’t anyhow lead to a fresh wedding look rather will end up bloating you up and even make you look sick. So dry fruits are what you should NOT look for when you think health is a priority before your wedding. 


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2. Fizzy Drinks

If you are really looking for a healthy diet, you have to first cut short your consumption of fizzy drinks. It is a bundle of artificial sweetners and refreshments that last for a moment resulting in a problem that may last for long. Fizzy drinks have a lot of carbonate along with phosphorus it not only causes obesity but also damages organs and affects you enamel causing a threat to your teeth. Fizzy drinks are big no no when it comes to your bridal diet no matter how much tempted you feel to taste it to beat the heat. If you are willing to shine out by smiling brighter and flaunting your bridal lehenga in the perfect shape then the fizzy drinks are what you need to give up on.


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3. Raw Vegetables

If you are planning to shift to an all salad diet, it’s time you think twice. Not all healthy foods are fit for you before your wedding. Vegetables are rich with all good nutrients that your body needs, but there are certain cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kale and brussel sprouts are what you should ignore in your salad as they are full of cellulose and it is difficult for the stomach to break those cellulose intake. When the cellulose is not properly broken down they may cause acidic diseases and also results in bloating. This is dreaded by every bride. To avoid bloating and maintain your healthy outlook your salad diet needs to be properly checked and it must not have all these not so healthy vegetables.


4. Cheddar Cheese

Your taste bud’s favourite is sure hated by your stomach; the combination of tasty and unhealthy is the proper definition to cheddar cheese. Cheddar cheese not only has an intense quantity of calorie to make you obese but it also has a salt in it. Too much sodium intake in the body makes the body retain resulting in an acidic reaction and is enough to make you feel nauseous right before your wedding. Your goal should not only be to avoid obesity but also to maintain your health and thus cheddar cheese is not to be in your diet chart. Even in recipes that require cheddar, it must be replaced with cream or mozzarella or swiss cheese for your retaining your health.


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5. Coffee

Caffeine consumption is toxic no matter how much you need it to release the work stress. Coffee should no more be you 3a.m friend if you want your bridal appearance to have the bridal glow. Coffee makes you lose sleep and that results in making you look sick with dark circles under your red-shot-puffed eyes. Apart from stealing your sleep it can cause dizziness and makes your body acidic causing to the body hang upon fat. Caffeine intake must be lessened if it is not possible for you to totally stop the consumption. Make your bridal look healthy and glowing by snapping off your friendship with coffee.


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These were some daily foods that you need to ignore to stay fit and healthy prior to your wedding day to have the perfect look you desire. For more updates,

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