Foods You Should Never Eat Before Your Wedding Day (Or Any Big Day)

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You have been working out to get into that perfect shape for months now. You have bought your dream wedding dress and the fittings are all done. But imagine that 4 hours before your wedding, the zipper of your dress refuses to budge due to some unwanted, unplanned flab. How scary would that situation be, isn’t it?

But in the first place, that situation would arise only if you have eaten something that does not suit your body or something that experts all over the world advice should be kept at a distance right before your wedding.

In case you’re unaware, here is a list of those foods if consumed immediately before your wedding can make the day a nightmare.


1. Carbonated Beverages

Anything that is gaseous and fizzy can make you uncomfortable throughout the day. It can also make you feel bloated and should be cleared out of the refrigerator at least a week before your D-day.

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2. Alcohol

As much as your friends force you to gulp in that shot of tequila or raise a toast with some champagne, staying away from any alcoholic drink will be in your favour. Alcohol not only makes your face look puffy but also results in your mouth smelling foul.

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3. Sugar-Free Sweets

Sweets are an inevitable part of Indian wedding but you being the health conscious bride decide to hogg on to only sugar-free sweets but unfortunately, artificial sweeteners can be as harmful as normal sugar intake. Cut down on sweets as a whole as the sugar-free ones do no good other can making you feel bloated.

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4. Fried and Cheesy Food

We know wedding jitters demand junk but staying away from fried and cheesy food items such as chicken popcorns and cheesy pasta are your best bet for your wedding day. These foods are difficult to digest and can cause discomfort throughout your wedding function.

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5. Coffee

Indian weddings are definitely exhausting and to keep you going, a dose or two of caffeine is very important. But being the bride, you need to substitute coffee with green tea or plain water. Coffee is very unhealthy and can make your belly puff up which is the last thing a bride would want.

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6. Chewing Gum

Need to keep your mouth fresh, go for mint leaves for a mouth freshener spray as chewing gum can also make your tummy look much bigger than its actual size. Surprised? Yes, gum pumps in air in your belly making it appear bigger.

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7. Raw Vegetables

No wonder raw vegetables are full of fiber and good health but consuming them right before your big day can put you in trouble. Specifically staying away from cauliflower, cabbage, beans and broccoli is advised.

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8. Anything New

If you haven’t tried eating a specific food item before example prawns or a particular type of mushrooms or cheese, do not be experimental during your pre-wedding days. It could cause an upset stomach or an allergy or something that you would have never even heard before.

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Keep these tips in mind before your doll up to look your best on your wedding day.

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