Hilarious Things People Get Asked in Arranged Marriage Meetings

An encounter with a suitable boy!

Author: Khushigupta | Updated: April 27, 2016 8:10 IST


Unlike any other 25 year old who is busy updating their LinkedIn profiles, I have been instructed by my parents to fill in my personal details on various matrimonial sites. Every other day I am bugged by pictures attached with carefully designed CVs of homely wife seeking candidates. After a lot of procrastinating, I finally gave up and decided to meet the prospective guys ! However, the toughest task is not to say yes but to meet and go for a nugatory date with them.


The inventory of their questions is equivalent to the filters of Instagram, some in subtle shades of Valencia some more superficial but the song remains the same. Here is an account of my date with 'a suitable boy' guy. Of course, he rejected me in the end.



After an awkward handshake at a tony café, my interview commenced.


"So do you go to parties?"

-Trick question. Yes and No



"Have you had a boyfriend? How close was it?"

Errr… yes… I would have a Black coffee, please. Thank you!


“Do you know how to cook?"

-I don’t. I was hoping you do!


"You mentioned in your profile that you don't drink or smoke?"

- Lies,damned lies, and statistics!



"Are you a good driver? I am asking this because if I get drunk, can you drive me home?"

- That was new!


Why do you want to get married? Why arranged marriage? Have you met any guys before this? Why haven’t you liked them?


"Are you getting married by choice or you have been forced?"

-What do you think?


Tell us about the questions you have been asked in the comments below!

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Posted on: April 27, 2016 Arranged marriage, funny questions, wedding news, wedding trends


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