Effective Tips To Plan A Cashless Wedding This Season

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The wedding season of 2016 is in full swing. Even though the scenario is pretty much similar to every year with thousands of bachelors and bachelorettes tying the knot every single day, this season has been made a bit more memorable by the Indian Government. The decision to ban rupees 500 and 1000 currency notes has left the to-be couples and their friends and families in distress.

Even though credit/debit cards, cheques and other modes of payment can cover the venue cost, caterer’s expense, decoration etc., the convenience of cash cannot be substituted.

But with increased use of technology that has created a digital wave in the country, we have for you some effective tips that will not only help you to minimize the use of cash at your wedding but will also help you plan a cost-effective wedding.


Digital Shagun

Be the smart guest this wedding season and instead of currency notes packed in fancy shagun envelopes, opt for online wallets to convey your good wishes. Many applications designed for Android and iOS handsets allow the user to generate a QR code that makes it easier for their wedding guests to send across the shagun to their newlyweds’ wallets.


Shop For Your Wedding Online

Online shopping is not an unknown concept in the 21st century but somehow, people refrain from buying very expensive wedding related stuff online to prevent themselves from falling prey to cyber theft.  Buying apparels, accessories and jewelry online not only saves the hassle of hopping from store to store but also provides the customer a wide variety of products at competitive prices.


Find Wedding Vendors Online

Who said planning a wedding sitting in the vicinity of your home was not possible? Give your chacha and maamu a break from finding a suitable photographer, caterer etc and browse for wedding vendors online. From mehndi artists to bands and dhols to choreographers to makeup artists, you can find every service at unimaginably low prices and end up saving rather than splurging.


Send A Digital Wedding Invite

Designer wedding invitations can burn holes in your pocket. This wedding season, save some time, money and paper and send an e-invite to your wedding guests.


Online Wedding Gift Registry

Selecting the ideal wedding gift for the newly wedded couple in itself is a challenge. At the same time, it requires the exchange of cash and carrying those bulky gifts to present at the wedding mandap. Cutting down on this hassle is the newly launched concept of online wedding gift registry. As a part of this concept, the bride and groom create their wedding gift checklist online. Their registered guests then go through their wishlist and pay for the wedding gift online. These gifts then reach the desired destination without any exchange of cash whatsoever.


Arrange For A Cashless Conveyance

Why pay cash for the bus you hire for the baraatis when you can book a comfortable conveyance in a click and pay for it in no time using your credit/debit card. Also, you can book the doli car or a special ride for the bride or groom without carrying currency in your pocket.  


Register Your Wedding Online

Yes, once the rituals are done, you can also get your wedding registered online. It’s not only a cashless tip as you end up paying the agent through net banking; it is also a very convenient way to skip long queues at the court. 


So don't panic over those outdated currency notes as planning a cashless wedding is a piece of cake!

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