5 Tips To Look Slim In One Day Before Your Wedding

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They say ‘A woman should look her best version dressed as a bride!’ Well, this does not mean that only brides who possess a toned body can look good but any bride who carries herself with confidence can effortlessly pull off a gorgeous look.

Generally, most brides are thriving to lose weight before their D-day in order to fit into that designer lehenga they have always dreamt of. If your wedding jitters succumbed to bars and bars of chocolate, here’s what you can do in one day to look slim in your bridal avatar.


1. Stay Away From Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks can make you bloated and give your body a fuller look. Not only would they add to those inches but will also make you uncomfortable on your D-day.


2. Say No To Salt

Salt contains sodium and that is a major ingredient which leads to water retention in the body. Stay away from salt at least a day before you take wedding vows. Also, adding salt to cooked food is a big no.



3. Exercise Simple Yoga

Yoga will not help to reduce weight in a day but will surely help in relaxing your mind. Even on your wedding day, indulge in simple stretching as it will make you feel fresh and give your body a better posture.


4. Keep Alcohol At A Distance

Ever heard of the term beer belly? Well, it definitely should not come true on your D-day. Alcohol is very much capable of making you bloated and hence, should be kept away from the bride, even though its time to celebrate.



5. Walk Straight

Walking the right way down the aisle can make a huge difference in making you look toned and better. So, keep that chin up and walk with pride coz you’re the bride.


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