Hassle Free Wedding Planning in 3 Easy Steps


Wedding planning in today’s scenario is no piece of cake. Considering the number of events, guests, cuisines and ceremonies, planning and managing everything can be quite time-consuming. Plus, in the race to incorporate something unique, the bride and groom can go completely bonkers.

But we suggest that you should make the most of your wedlock and gather priceless memories by letting the burden of planning off your shoulders and handing it over to your online wedding planner, also called Mr. Planner.   


In case you’re unaware, Mr. Planner helps you plan your wedding while you sit and browse on the couch with popcorn by your side. And what more, it also offers great deals and discounts to make your wedding magnificent keeping your budget in consideration.


So here are 3 easy steps which are super convenient and can help in making your wedding every bit extravagant!


Enter Information

Personal Details

Tell Mr. Planner who you are, the bride, the groom or a relative? Depending on the information you enter, the efficient planner will display the choices accordingly to avoid any confusion and wastage of time. 

Then, register on Bandbaajaa.com to plan your wedding further.


Location and Guests

Once done, enter the location you have in mind. This could be an already chosen location or just a random to get an idea of the venue costs, catering charges etc. Also, you will have to tell the planner the approximate number of guests who would be attending the function. This number could be as less as a 100, if you are planning for an intimate affair and can go up to 900 and above if grandiose is what you have always dreamt for your wedlock. 


Select Categories

There is so much in a wedding that needs to be taken care of namely the venue, invitation cards, photographer, DJ, caterer etc. But Mr. Planner is an intelligent quick fix to all those requirements. In case you have a specific category undone, for example, the photographer backed out last minute or you forgot to book a makeup artist, Mr. Planner is happy to help. Also, if the date saved in not anytime soon and you are left with the entire wedding planning, Mr. Planner is capable of handling the same with ease!

But usually, with Indian weddings, it happens that people decide a tentative budget and want to manage the entire affair in the same. Well, there's another provision which Mr. Planner provides wherein all you have to do is enter your desired budget and it will open you to a pool of options falling in that particular segment.


Manage Budget and Dates

After providing all the required information, Mr. Planner will reveal all the options for you to choose from. The results include everything required for a wedding from the venue to the photographer to the wedding planner to the Mehendi artist and much more. You can book a venue, finalise the decorator and caterer, review the work of the available photographers through their portfolios online and repeat the same process for mehendi artists, makeup artist etc.



And you're done! 

Choose what you like and leave a never-fading impression on your wedding guests. 

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