#BridalSpecial – This Is The Only Correct Way To Wash Your Hair

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If you are the bride to be, it is natural for your hair to go through extensive treatments and harmful chemicals and once the wedding extravaganza comes to end, these chemicals and appliances can leave the hair in a miserable condition. 

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But did you know washing your hair the right way could add much more strength to your tresses and make them look and feel healthier? Well, yes, that is totally possible. Washing your hair using an inappropriate technique can weigh your hair down and make them appear lifeless. So, if you don’t wish to head to the salon every other day to make your strands look presentable, here is the only way you should wash your hair.


1. Choose Your Shampoo Carefully

Don’t pick up any random formula while shopping for your groceries as the right shampoo plays a crucial role. Ensure that your shampoo is Paraben-Free and made to suit the texture of your hair.


2. Wet Your Hair Before Washing

If you apply shampoo on dry hair, you end up using more of it. Always dampen your hair before you squeeze out that blob of shampoo if you wish to retain the moisture in your tresses.


3. Do Not Use Excessive Shampoo

We feel using too much shampoo will cleanse your hair better but that is just a myth. Using too much shampoo can suck up all the nutrition and moisture leaving your hair to be dry.


4. Massage Your Scalp For Atleast 2 Minutes

Massaging the scalp is what gets the dirt out. Do not focus on only the ends of your hair but focus more on the roots. If the roots aren’t paid attention to, your hair will become greasy in a very short span of time.


5. Never Rinse Again

Once you are done with rinsing, never repeat the process of applying shampoo again and rinsing all over again. It is terribly harmful and leaves your hair with zero softness.


6. Conditioner Is Must

Skipping conditioner because you’re getting late or due to any other reason is not acceptable! Always make sure that you give your hair a dose of relaxation by conditioning them.


7. The Right Way To Use Conditioner

Take a coin-sized amount of conditioner on your palm and spread on both your palms. Now apply it from the mid-length of your hair till the tip and let it stay for at least five minutes. Try untangling your hair gently while the conditioner is on and flatten your hair with your palms to spread it evenly. Rinse with a good amount of water and gently pat dry your hair with a towel!

Now that you know the correct way to wash your hair, start taking care of your strands for this wedding season.
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