10 Quirky Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Special Someone

Everybody enjoys the feeling that rushes in when someone professes ‘I love you’ but when your lover does something special to express their love, it cannot get any better, after all actions speaks louder than words.

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Everybody enjoys the feeling that rushes in when someone professes ‘I love you’ but when your lover does something special to express their love, it cannot get any better after all actions speak louder than words. And what better way to show your love for your partner than on Valentine’s Day, a day specifically designated for over the top cheezy and corny romance. We at Bandbaajaa.com have created a list of cute and unique Valentine’s Day celebration ideas, especially for you.


1. Scavenger hunt

Take your valentine on a scavenger hunt. Make a series of clues, leave it in different places, the final clue leading up to your location for a date. This is a quirky and unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Additionally, add quotes from favourite movies or books in each clue or good old love quotes to make it more personal and even more romantic.


2. Ice-skating

Go ice-skating, its sweet, cute and loads of fun. Movies have shown us time and again that skating rinks breeds romance. Holding hands, helping each other out, being each other’s support to make sure you won’t fall, hot chocolate, -sigh- sounds like the perfect date.


3. Hot air balloon ride

Soaring in the air thousands of feet of the ground is absolutely incredible. Go for a hot air balloon date, preferably during sunrise or sunset, the view is gorgeous, the entire landscape is embraced in an orange glow by the sun, the sky is lit with splashes of yellow, red, purple and blue. It is serene, tranquil and extremely romantic.



4. Impromptu plan/surprise

Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with a dozen roses and chocolate. On each stem attach a note/coupon for future dates or massage or a kiss or something else that they would enjoy. Then take him/her on an amazing romantic date.


5. Adventure 

For all the adventurous couples, take your date for paintballing, laser tag, go karting, adventure rides and arcade arena. This may not be a typical valentines date, but surely your partner will love this and appreciate it a lot. Its exciting, cool and crazy fun.


6. Night picnic at beach

Put a twist to the typical picnic by going in the evening instead of morning. After all, the beach sunset is one of the best sunsets to see. It’s the perfect backdrop and setting for romance. And when the night sets in, the starry sky and moonlight make it even more perfect. For some extra romance take a guitar, strum a tune and sing a song or write a love poem for your valentine.


7. Candlelight dinner

Go back to the basics and have a conventional Valentine’s Day date aka the candlelight dinner. It’s simple, charming and deeply romantic. Cook a special meal, set the table, throw around some rose petals, dim the lights, light the candles, put some soft music, turn up the romance and your good to go.


8. Getaway


Take your boyfriend/girlfriend on a special weekend getaway or maybe even a small trip. Go to a nearby vacation type area, go sightseeing, romantic dinners, sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend. And what can be more romantic than spending an entire weekend in just each other’s company with no interruptions from your daily commitments.



9. Long drive

Get in the car and hit the road. While it may not seem romantic enough for valentines there’s just something about long drives that’s irresistible, it has an old-time charm to it, conversation is spontaneous and effortless you, share unique moments. It is also very relaxing, you can even check out the tourist spots and me even see some interesting sights.


10. Carnival

Fairs, festivals, carnivals and amusement parks are wonderlands for a date. It is perfect for a cute, dreamy romantic date. Enjoy the junk food, cotton candy, hit the game stalls, and maybe even win something for your date. Oh! Of course, do not forget to go on the Ferris wheel and to do the iconic kiss on the top.


Hope you have an amazing Valentines Day!

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