9 Swoon-worthy Ways To Have a Beautiful Multi-cultural Wedding

Having a brag-worthy wedding is what most girls crave for. Read on to know more.

Author: Tirnasengupta | Updated: December 11, 2015 7:57 IST

Having a brag-worthy wedding is what most girls crave for. As if finding the right partner isn’t hard enough, to organize a fairy-tale marriage affair has become a Herculean task, but its perks will get fixated in your memories forever. If weddings were a piece of art created by an artist, it would be worse than Van Gogh’s depiction of the starry night. With colors exploding everywhere, it is the ultimate birthright every person loves to claim.

To make the most of your wedding fiesta, we have curated an awesome list of ways in which you can celebrate a multi-cultural wedding!


Double the tradition, double the fun!

Take advantage of diverse customs and rituals that will engross you in a lifetime of happiness. Merging cultures and understanding their value will not only broaden your perspective but will also introduce you to a whole new level of fun. 


Get creative with cuisine!

People travel for food, people crash weddings for food and believe it or not, people sometimes even marry for food. It’s crazy! You can personalize the cuisine according to your personality and style. Maybe get a Persian Buffet matched with French cocktails.


Quirk up your wedding attire!

This is the most important part of your wedding. Everyone wants and deserves to sweep their soulmate off their feet on the big day, and the way you look plays a huge role. Add some quirky style to your attire, ditch the customary and create your own look. 



Write your wedding vows!

Vows are promises couples make during the ceremony to bind their bond and celebrate it with the world. Every culture celebrates these in its own way. Although if you want to ingrain a personal touch to the whole idea, then how about writing your own vows?


Celebrate with floating lanterns!

Big fat weddings around the world love to shell out a bucket load to make their special day so illuminating that even the stars in the sky feel jealous. Add it to your list, must have – floating lanterns because fireworks are too mainstream. 


Hire your favourite band!

Who doesn’t look forward to crazy dance steps and tunes to gyrate on till the end of time at a wedding? This is where you cut loose and feel the party heat. Hire a band or singers to add a distinct flavor to the grand fiesta.


Ditch the conventional dance!

On the inside, we all know and rejoice in the fact that we are professional dancers when it comes to performances at weddings. But this is also for the couple to make their first dance together after marriage a beautiful one. Take dance lessons and stun everyone with your kickass break-a-leg moves.


Keep presents personal and simple!

Gifts are never overrated, but there is always a right kind for everyone. A wedding saga lives up to great expectations, you get to know the couple even better and surprise them with a fitting gift. For starters, how about an envelope full of love and honeymoon tickets to their favorite destination.


Multi-cultural wedding will multiply your pamper level too! 

If you are thinking about your wedding right now or if you are going to get hitched this season, then here’s the first thing you need to check off your list. Detox and de-stress. Pamper yourself and instead of worrying about the cocktail party, book a day of Ayurveda spa for yourself. 

Blend the colours and paint a new life together. If you have other awesome ideas for a multi-cultural wedding, then drop us your comments below. 

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