11 Essential Things To Keep In Mind Before Planning A Beach Wedding

Every couple wishes to make their wedding the most memorable time of their life that they would cherish till eternity. Find out more at Bandbaajaa.com

Author: Alice | Updated: December 27, 2015 9:14 IST

Every couple wishes to make their wedding the most memorable time of their life that they would cherish till eternity. It’s a bond between two people and their families that they wish to last forever with all the pleasant memories. A beach destination wedding is bound to make all joyful and enjoy the wedding like a much celebrated holiday.

1. Stay natural
A gorgeous ocean backdrop doesn’t need to be too dressed up. Instead, highlight the natural beauty of the setting. A beach wedding can be about shells and starfish, but it can also take inspiration from the harmonious colour palette of sand, dune grasses, stones and water. Decor should be simple; avoid going over the top with extreme flower decoration.

2. Go local
Choose colours that contrast the sand and the surf rather than blend in, like corals, greens and other vibrant tones. When it comes to food, look for caterers who are conscientious of local markets and respectful of the beach environment.

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 3. Get a permit

Research the required paperwork to hold your ceremony on the beach, especially if it’s public. Also, inquire in advance about noise ordinances, and be sure to follow them. Cleanliness concerns should also be kept in mind.

4. Ensure privacy
Beaches are most crowded on holiday weekends, so avoid them unless you want the general public in attendance. Not all beaches are private so some beaches do not allow to set up canopies, chairs or aisle runners. If you want decor, experts suggest renting an oceanfront estate where there can be a secluded ceremony and still take photos on the beach.

5. Avoid extremely elaborate dresses
A ball gown suits better in a ballroom. You may be able to get down the aisle in a full dress and long train but walking on the beach and taking photos won’t be easy. If a large dress is a must, make sure it makes you feel comfortable. The bride should be able to wear a bright smile on her face and not a frown on forehead due to an uncomfortable wedding attire.

6. Think light
Dresses with lace trim can be difficult because they pick up debris from the beach and a few sand particles might entangle and make unnecessary knots in the border, so instead, choose a lightweight fabric like chiffon or charmeuse so that your lehenga flows in the ocean breeze without bothering you.

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 7. Consider an updo

Think of the elements when deciding on a hairstyle. A smart French bun hairdo will forever be in trend whose rolled on a side can be clipped in with fresh Jasmine flowers. A smart updo will keep the bride looking polished all through the day. A loose side French braid with some strands hanging out can add more to the drama in the dress when at the tip it is tied with a thin flower stem. If wearing the hair down is the only option, invest in the services of a stylist, who can do touch-ups throughout the day or be confident enough to let it be natural and free in the breeze.

8. Ditch the heels
Sand and high heels don’t mix. Wear flat-sole sandals, espadrilles or wedges, shoes that won’t sink into the sand. Has the gown hemmed with or without shoes? 

9. Prepare Your guests
Mention your plans on the invitation or wedding website, and prepare your guests for the sun by including necessary items in the welcome bags, like travel-size bottles of good quality sunscreen, bottled water, towels and hand fans to beat the heat.

10. Rent a lavatory room
If marrying on a public beach, find out if there are bathrooms. If not, hire an upscale portable lavatory for a few hours, especially if there will be lots of drinking during the reception.

11. Provide shade
Shade is your guests’ best friend. Consider creating a canopy to cover the seating area.


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These few points kept in mind and followed will make the ceremony a huge success and capture the best moments in the wedding album. Such a charming beach wedding is bound to leave every guest mesmerised.


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