Jimmy Choo vs Jutti Choo

The cosmopolitan bride today makes and breaks her own rules with a wonderland of shoes options to pick from in a bouquet of colours. Picture Source-Elle India

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The classic tale of Cinderella is a proof that every woman’s fetish; shoes can work miracles, with the Prince Charming himself propelled to sweep you off your feet. Have you ever heard a woman utter – ‘I don’t need another pair’? Nobody has. But donning the right pair for the right occasion is as essential as your wedding outfit. Between matching the colours to your multi-colored traditional ensemble making sure your shoes are comfortable enough to withstand being on your feet all day and these tasks are no easy feat!



Jimmy Choo

 Tripping at the dais/ altar on your wedding day due to uncomfortable heels isn’t the best impression on your big day. Stilettos at the beach wedding are another faux pas to beware of. The cosmopolitan bride today makes and breaks her own rules with wonderland of shoe options to pick from in a bouquet of colours.Think shimmering red sneakers, Louboutins with their signature red base to Amritsari jutis under your lehnega skirt.

 Comfort-The utmost important factor while choosing shoes for your wedding extravaganza involves keeping comfort in mind because there is a lot of running around to be done. Always invest in a good brand as it’s your shoes that will be holding you all day long. Brands like Charlotte Olympia, Nine West and Geox are a potentially viable option if you are looking for staple leather footwear

Jutti Choo

 Colour- Your shoes should match your wardrobe more than the fad effect. Colour wise stick to classics- red, corals, silver, beige and plain gold.You don’t want to shake your head looking at your wedding pictures a few years later regretting the choice of your shoes. Experiment with colour blocking- try wearing yellow heels with a maroon lehenga. At the end of the day, your shoes should compliment and reflect who you are.

Ridhi Mehra Shoes

 Style- Wedding Wear shoes should obviously be slightly fancy. They are the easiest accessory that can be reused – that’s why they are the least of the worries. Do not match bling with bling. Compliment your heavily embellished dress with a little less blingy shoes. You don’t want to end up like a Christmas tree at your wedding after all.

Oscar De Relanta

 Experiment- Wear booties with a long skirt and crop top. For the pheras, change into flats. Go for medium heels or better wedges for the wedding day. High heels work for gowns. Break all the rules by sporting snickers from Asos or Nordstorm, under your dress and you are sure to turn heads while you dance around in comfort.

Dolce and Gabbana


Tall tip-The nude heel works magic and instantly makes you taller. Avoid ankle straps to lengthen the shank. 

 Experts take note- Ambika Anand suggests keep a lot of jootis handy- they are great with Anarkalis and suits. Reuse your bling shoes later say for a movie date when you don’t feel like dressing up. It instantly adds glamour-pair it with torn jeans and a plain t-shirt. Select footwear in the afternoon as your foot swells up the most at this time. Keep a combination of shoes handy. Begin the night with a pair of high heels. Once your feet begin to tire, switch to wedges and then end the night in your flats as you dance away with your friends.


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