Lenscaged Production Captures Your Romantic D-Day Moments With Poise

Lenscaged Production gives you special memories of your special day that you can cherish throughout your lives with veritable wontedness and pleasure.

Author: Nikita-wadi | Updated: February 16, 2019 4:12 IST

Lenscaged Production


Lenscaged Production is one of the leading wedding photography ventures in India that captures your special moments and takes you back in time. The skilled and professionals photographers at Lenscaged Production believe that candid photography cannot be expounded but felt and that candid photographs are expressions of overwhelming happiness, or satisfied excitement or feeling of sadness to be far away from dear ones or simply a simple unpretentious expression. As weddings are a mixed bucket of bulks of emotions and happenings, Candid wedding photography is surely an amazing art to embellish your wedding memories. My expert wedding team is well endowed to steal some extraordinary moments out of your day and gifting its precious reflection in its ultimate form.


Lenscaged Production


Lenscaged Production was found by the architect and strategist duo, Varun & Ayush . While Varun has a natural flair for art, which comes across in his documentary style of filming; Ayush strategises the perfect execution of every event’s photography. Together, they make a great team. Their motto is to create your magical moments into story. They also have a crew of Bollywood and internationally acclaimed cinematographers and photographers who bring you the magic of the Indian Bollywood movies in real, human stories that will make you laugh, cry and dance.


Lenscaged Production


Lenscaged Production


Production has grown exponentially over the last decade with their impressive body of work. They have gained a strong foothold in the industry and have specialized in various forms of photography for pre-wedding and wedding shoots -


• Traditional Photography

• Candid Photography

• Cinematic Photography

• Cinematography

• Design Solutions

• HD Cinematic Wedding Films


Lenscaged Production




  • Video portfolios
  • Pre-Wedding


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