5 Lies Every Guy Tells On A Rishta Meeting

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While honesty may be one of the key factors that reflect a healthy relationship but that doesn’t automatically motivate people to always be truthful. There isn’t a single man alive on this planet who hasn’t spoken ‘untruth’, whether it's just a small tweak or a small manipulation, a white lie or a simple deflection, a lie is a lie, maybe different levels of lies but it is still a lie. Rishta meetings are kind of like a first date and so are full of questions, which basically mean that there is bound to be some lies involved or at the very least hiding of the truth, Down below are some of the most common ‘lies’ guys tell on a Rishta meeting.


1. About how many figures they make

On top of this list is definitely, guys lying about how much they actually earn/income. They might embellish it more than it truly is or they might portray it as less depending on the situation. Furthermore, he may lie about the amount of time he spends working, about the scope of improvement professionally and the number of years it will take.


2. Drinking and smoking

Yet another thing that people frequently lie about is their drinking and smoking habits, and their opinion on it. Guys tend to downplay it, if they do happen to be a drinker or a smoker (not that there’s anything wrong with that, only a matter of opinion) but most of the time they simply stick to no.

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3. Exes and sexual life

Guys may lie about their past dating habits, the number of relationships, sexual experiences and maybe even virginity. Another possible lie is feigning disinterest in the girl’s past relationships and sexual activeness, to show that it doesn’t matter to him but in reality it does, a lot!


4. Interests, Preferences, and Hobbies

Believe it or not, some guys even lie about the most basic stuff such as hobbies, food habits whether vegetarian or not, the amount of time he has ‘guys day or night out’ and what they do when they hang out, essentially their personality itself. It’s altered to something that they believe is expected of them by the society, something that will give him greater chances at winning your favor.


5. Lifestyles and expectations

They might lie about their long term future goals in terms of his lifestyle, beliefs and his desire for kids if any then when, of starting life separately or with family etc. This may even extend to the girl’s future aims/goals in life, his real views upon that and his general expectations from the girl especially about changes in lifestyle, the time period for starting a family if at all.


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