Makeup Disasters Every Morning Bride Should Avoid

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There are different clothes for daytime and nighttime events similarly makeup also has its restrictions accordingly, these restrictions are not stone scribed rules laid down by fashion to be followed without any thought. They are actually put in place due to the various limitation caused by nature during the day, as a result, it is wise to just go with it to not end up looking like a hot mess on your wedding day, that is every bride’s nightmare –shudder-.
While some of this tips/trends and big makeup no-no is simply to increase aesthetic appeal and milking whatever daytime offers us to our advantage. Scroll down to find out makeup disaster every morning brides should avoid, for more check out

Don’t Experiment with New Products

Never ever experiment with new products before any sort of major event and considering your wedding day is the biggest, the most important event of your life its better you stay away from new products as there is a chance that it may irritate your skin and causes rashes, moreover you wouldn’t know if the makeup is of good quality since you haven’t used it before so just stick to your favorite products that you have been using for a long time.

Do not use non-waterproof products.

Make sure that you all the makeup you are using is waterproof, weddings are an emotional time and you are sure to cry at some point, no bride wants to end up looking like a raccoon on their big day. Also since it's happening during the day, there is bound to be some heat and the sun which may cause you to sweat profusely and waterproof makeup will give you a bit better hold.

Don’t forget to use long wear makeup products

Ensure that there is a ton of primer action going on, the eye, face, lip primer is slathered on before you start your makeup. Long last is absolutely a must for morning brides as the makeup will otherwise smudge, feather and bleed by the end of the day, making you look blotchy and unattractive. There is nothing worse than clumped up and creased makeup.

Don't Overdo Your Makeup

While bridal makeup tends to be more dramatic and heavier than usual, it is very important to keep the makeup more subtle, dewy and natural, to stick to the neutral tones if you have a day wedding. Either dramatic eyes or lips, not both, and if possible keep away from dark lipsticks all together. Remember less is more and everything looks exaggerated during the day so even bold may fall into the gaudy category. Keep it simple!

Keep an emergency kit on hand
Keep an emergency kit in an accessible place at all time. This must include some blotting paper, setting spray, lipstick, makeup wipes, perfume, face powder and anything else you deem as important, as in spite of all efforts some amount of makeup disaster is bound to happen in the duration of the day and you need those things for damage control.


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