7 Makeup Essentials Every Woman Must Own

Here is a list of those 7 products which your vanity should particularly be equipped with.

Author: Alice | Updated: July 31, 2016 5:35 IST

Makeup, they say is self confidence applied directly to the face! And according to us, there is nothing wrong in using the power of makeup to enhance your beauty!

Be it a professional or an amateur, having an extravagant makeup stash is almost every woman’s dream. But even if you are not a fan of all those mousse foundations and cream blushes, here is a list of the 7 products which your vanity should particularly be equipped with.


1. Red Lipstick

BFF as women call it, having a red lipstick (preferably matt) can save any bad day!


2. Lip Balm

Chapped lips are unarguably unappealing! Even though a lip balm is not necessarily a makeup product but it does make it to your vanity box and one can never have enough lip balms, isn’t it?


3. BB Cream

Don’t like the cakey finish of a foundation? Well, BB and CC creams can come to your rescue as their light finish is great for everyday use.


4. Translucent Powder

It’s nearly impossible to survive Indian summers without translucent powder. This powder could also match your skin tone for added coverage.


5. Neutral Toned Eye-Shadow Palette

Smoky dramatic eyes do look very alluring but cannot be worn on an everyday basis. So, if you want to enhance your eyes, a neutral toned eye-shadow palette having basic shades is a great idea.


6. Kohl Pencil

To intensify the lower waterline and upper lash line, a black kohl pencil can do a lot. Not only this but coloured pencils can add a very playful pop to your entire eye game.


7. Highlighter

Had you asked us a year back, highlighter would have not made it to the list of our makeup must-haves but with the growing craze for a dewy finish, a highlighter for your cheekbones cannot be ignored. 


Let the pout and that wing be on fleek!

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