5 Pro Makeup Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married This Winter

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Unlike other people in the world who think of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark when you hit them with a ‘’winter is coming’’ quote, Indians like to switch their tangent completely and end the quote with ‘’so are weddings’’.
Since the winter wedding season has already begun, it’s time for you ladies to flaunt your glitzy bridal swag, unapologetically. While you encase the perfect wedding ensembles, we have just the right winter beauty tips coming straight from the treasure trove of an expert.


1. Minimalist is the new classy! 

The summer weddings of 2016 were all about pastels. From extreme floral prints to bright colored dramatic eye makeup, we have seen it all. Let’s continue the trend and make it even better for winters. Hyderabad-based professional makeup artist Suman Agarwal underlines that a winter bride must swear by one rule only: less is more.


2. Enhance your features! 

Why would you paint your face with heavy colors when you can just focus on the key features and accentuate your look. We are taking a cue from makeup expert Agarwal, whose idea of a perfect bridal makeup is synonymous with a glowing skin. Use highlighters and contouring to enhance your key features.


3. Dramatic eye makeup and statement rouge! 

This is the latest trend every bride-to-be is crushing on this wedding season. For a perfect winter bride look, stick to your usual foundation and highlight the features with light makeup for an au naturel look. Red is your forever savior, so pack it already.


4. Moisturize and exfoliate! 

During our tête-à-tête, Suman Agarwal and I shared a few pro tips on how a bride should avoid the ‘’haggard look’’. Since it’s the onset of winters, moisturize your skin as much as possible. Keep those night creams and sunscreens handy, and go for spas instead of sitting for multiple facials that’ll just revitalize your skin.


5. Don’t experiment with your diet! 

Festive season and winters have its perks, and that’s the only perk everyone hates to love. Food. Yes, maintain a healthy diet but don’t splurge. Avoid experimenting with food or eateries on the menu that can affect your skin's texture. 

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