Funny Mistakes People Make on Their Wedding Night

There are certain gestures those which can work towards spoiling that special first night charm and you need to just avoid them.

Author: Prarthanagrover | Updated: August 11, 2016 11:12 IST

The first time that you spend a night with your partner after you get hitched is one of the most special nights in your life. It’s the time when you finally get to unwind and bond with your life-partner. It marks the beginning of married life and let’s admit it, calling it one of the most awaited nights won’t be wrong.

But there are certain gestures those which can work towards spoiling that special charm. The unfortunate part is that you won’t even get to know when your behavior starts to fall in the same category. Since no one wishes to muck up this night, here are some red signals which you must avoid to ensure a healthy relationship thereafter.


1. Don’t discuss what went wrong at your wedding.

No wedding is complete without mishaps! Be it the electricity which fluctuated while you were in the middle of your first dance or be it the cake which turned out to be a completely different flavor, your first night is just not the right time to discuss all of this. Also, avoid playing the blame-game and do not portray his/her relatives in a negative light.

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2. Don’t talk about past relationships

This one is a big big no. Talking about your exes on your first night can prove to be a really bad idea as it can inculcate a sense of comparison. Also, don’t bring out any of your past relationships or flings as being too frank with your partner on the first night itself can make them a little judgmental towards you.

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3. Don’t expect too much

We know, the first night is meant to be eventful but expecting too much can bring nothing but disappointment. Since Indian weddings are no less than a week-long festival, it is natural for the two of you to be tired and in serious need for some rest.


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4. Don’t plan a family right away!

Don’t overburden your spouse with your family plans on the very first night. You must have planned for two cute kids and life in a wooden cottage post retirement but hang on, this is not the right time to spill it all out.

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5. Don’t crack lame jokes to woo your partner

Just remember, your partner is already love-struck and that is the reason why you got married. Cracking lame jokes to make your partner smile and laugh does more harm than good. Honestly, it’s just exasperating and they’re done fake laughing, so shut up and sleep!


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6. Don’t look dull and uninterested

We understand that the wedding ceremonies and the endless drama have taken a toll on your sleeping routine but looking uninterested on your wedding night is not the ideal expression your partner would be expecting. If you could survive the dhols and glitz for a week, you can surely survive a decent conversation for another 30 minutes.  

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7. Don’t get too drunk

Your friends won’t spare you but that’s not the excuse. Getting drunk and eventually passing out on the rose petals is not what you and your partner must have planned. Raise a toast, not a bottle!



8. Don’t talk about how beautiful her friends looked at the wedding

This one is a strict warning for the just married grooms. You may not have much in the back of your mind or even if you do, stay away from complimenting her friends. Especially while the two of you are spending your quality time, do not talk about how alluring her friends looked, not even in a healthy spirit.

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9. Don’t spend your night in an over-crowded house

As much as your parents and relatives emphasize on you spending the night without a hint of disturbance from their end, prefer getting a hotel room booked. In case you always planned for the night in your own room, please ensure to get rooms booked for the other family members.


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10. Don’t go without a gift

No wonder it has been raining gifts all throughout your wedding gala but carrying a small something for your special one on your first night is going to be just adorable promising you two a good good night ahead!

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Keep these things in mind before you step inside to make memories for a lifetime. 

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