7 Most Popular Bidaai Moments of Bollywood

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- Sumanya Sehgal

One of the most disturbing and the difficult of the moments in a marriage is the moment of ‘Bidaai’. It requires a lot of courage and boldness to face separation from one’s parents. But since Bidaai is one tradition which is being followed from the times immemorial and will be followed for an aeon to come, we need to keep ourselves strong and determined to face any situation. We usually enhance our imagination by watching movies, and Bidaai scenes are there, mostly in all the Bollywood movies. Some of the most popular Bidaai scenes of Bollywood are listed below:


‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ had one of the most emotional Bidaai with an even more emotional song in the background. The whole scene made us imagine a purely traditional Indian Bidaai, with all the customs beautifully portrayed.


‘Baabul’ as the name suggests, is about the girl’s journey and transformation from a girl to a bride, to a woman. The Bidaai scene in this movie is so delicately portrayed that it moved all our hearts and left us teary-eyed.


After all the obstacles and the scenes of remorse, Vivah’s Bidaai, we were all gaga and excited. Though, this movie too had an emotional depiction of the moments of Bidaai but somehow it manages to keep the essence of happiness alive. *happy tears*


‘Hum SaathSaath Hain’ is a pure Indian family drama wherein we see perfect blend of fun, emotions and celebrations and one also sees these contrasting emotions when Tabu (Saadhana) gets married to MohnishBehl (Vivek), followed by the ritual of Bidaai. One gets easily flown with the beauty of the emotions displayed in the movie.


‘KalHoNaaHo’ has a very remorseful Bidaai where PreityZinta (Naina) is getting married to Saif Ali Khan (Rohit) regardless of her love for Shahrukh Khan (Aman). The background music adds more sadness and grief to the overall scene and makes us all shed tears with them. *too sad*


‘Dhadkan’ has a very emotional, heavy-hearted Bidaai wherein again Shilpa Shetty (Anjali) is getting married not to her love Sunil Shetty (Dev) butAkshay Kumar (Ram). This Bidaai too can bring in feeling of separation and sadness in us.


‘Hum Tum’ has a very light-hearted Bidaai wherein Rani Mukherjee (Rhea) gets married to Abhishek Bachchan (Sameer) who is the love of her life. Their union make us all go so happy-happy and brings in the feeling of happiness and positivity.
Let us all keep the Bidaai positivity and happy tears alive!


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