5 Movies You Must Never Watch If you Are Getting Married

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- Harini SV

It is easy to be swept away by the stressful task of planning your fairytale dream wedding and making sure that all the elements play out perfectly smooth. There’s probably nothing better than a good movie marathon to get you through the tedious task of planning the perfect wedding, get away from all the pressure, kick back and relax. With that said, not all movies are good for you to watch during this sensitive time, a particular story or scene might act as a trigger and set you off, even the ones with happy ending might be troubling to you what with planning and nervousness about getting married, marital life etc.

We at Bandbaajaa.com have created a list of movies one shouldn’t watch before their wedding. So keep warm and toasty, feeling as excited and ready to get married as possible by leaving these movies off the ‘ to-watch list’.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

This famous movie despite its kind of happy ending is bittersweet at best, from the point of view of marital life. The story revolves around two unhappy couples, arranged marriage, unfaithful spouses all in all a nightmarish picture of married life and can be very daunting to a person about to be married.

My Bestfriend’s Wedding

In this time everyone has exes and friends of the opposite gender, which is all fine and dandy as long as one of them doesn’t come to haunt and wreck your wedding, which is basically what this film is about in a roundabout way, so it’s better to stay away from this one, considering it may make you all paranoid and doubting.

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This movie is every bride to be’s nightmare of what could go wrong with the wedding. The out of control bachelor party with crazy wild adventures that are mighty dangerous, the missing groom etc. This will definitely get you overthinking, all riled up on what ifs and scared.

Bachna Ae Haseeno

A movie about a playboy with a habit of leaving a trail of heartbroken women he dated, one of whom he basically left at the mandap, hmmm, that wouldn’t cause a bride to be worried out of her mind at all huh. That was totally sarcastic by the way, this one is absolutely on the not to watch list, no brainer.

Band Baaja Baaraat

The whole point of watching these movies is to get your mind off wedding planning and anything even remotely related to that, so of course you shouldn’t watch a movie pretty much dedicated to that stuff. Unless you are on a mission to watch wedding type movies for bridal inspiration, it’s not a good idea.

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