Exclusive: Nafisa Ali’s Daughter, Pia Sodhi and Kshitij Khemka Share Their Love Story

Pia Sodhi and Kshitij Khemka’s breathtaking wedding pictures floored everybody on social media. In an exclusive interview to Bandbaajaa.com, they talk their heart out about their relationship and intense love for each other. Also, see their exclusive wedding pictures.

Author: Neha Grover | Updated: January 15, 2018 4:47 IST

Behind every dreamy marriage is a fairytale of boundless love. Here, we unfurl and bring to you the beautiful journey of the newly-weds, Pia Zaranna Sodhi and Kshitij Khemka.


Pia, daughter of veteran actress Nafisa Ali, married Delhi-based Kshitij Khemka in December 2017. Their grand Delhi wedding took the internet by storm.



While talking to Bandbaajaa.com, Pia and Kshitij shared their love story and took us on their ride to wholeness.


Pia reminisced, “We met in school in class 6, became friends a few years later, even carpooled together. We used to sit together in class but it was a completely platonic relationship.”


Sparks flew between the two around 6 years ago but soon fizzled out. They continued to remain friends and it was only three years ago they discovered their true feelings for each other. Their love blossomed and culminated into them tying the knot to be bound to each other till eternity.


Pia, being from a celebrity family, has been under the constant media glare. Kshitij, on the other hand, has no connections with the entertainment industry. He belongs to a very distinguished family into garment export and real estate business. Khemkas have also been credited for bringing BIC, the famous French stationary company, into India!


If you are wondering if Pia is also associated with Bollywood like her mother, well, she is a ‘homemaker’ as of now. Pia revealed, “I took a long break before my wedding, but it didn't seem like a break as the wedding planning was very hectic.” Agreed!


Look how lovely Pia and Kshitij look together in this picture below.



Pia and Kshitij also poured out their thoughts about each other. “I like that he's patient with me. He is very caring. loving, hardworking and funny. And, he is one of my best friends!” Pia revealed.


To this, Kshitij pitched in, “Pia is very emotional - all heart, a complete family person, has excellent PR which complements me because I'm really bad at it.  And, as she is my best friend, it’s easiest to chill, say whatever, have fun and spend time together. She also happens to have the loudest laugh.”


So adorable! The chemistry between the two is so palpable, it can be easily seen in the pictures below. Take a look:




Pia looks absolutely stunning in her Sabyasachi ensemble. She looks nothing less than a Bollywood star.


We asked Kshitij if Pia bore any star-kid air about her.  “Not at all, completely the opposite....down to earth, actually a realist. She's natural, effortless and classy. Sometimes, she carries this fake attitude when she’s in a bad mood.” He chuckled.


After Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's romantic saga, this eccentric couple makes us believe that true love does exist in the real world and all it takes is a tug at heart to work its way!


Now, let’s check out some more swoon-worthy pictures of their wedding below. 



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