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Author: Tanya Bhatia | Updated: January 25, 2018 11:42 IST

After pictures of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's Tuscany wedding swamped the internet, everyone is drooling over their wedding décor. Not only this, many couples are even thinking of planning a day wedding, making night weddings a rare affair.

Lawns have taken over 5-star hotels and banquets. Yes! You read it right. People are going for huge lawns with a large open area where they can get quirky décor done, that will grab all the eyeballs and make their wedding guests go crazy.

Did you see pictures of Aashka Goradia’s mehendi ceremony? No? You missed something really amazing then. Her mehendi ceremony was the talk of the town. It was a vibrant affair with amazing floral décor. Everyone at the ceremony was going crazy taking selfies and posing in front of the photobooths.


This trend started by television and Bollywood celebrities is garnering a lot of attention from social media addicts. They are in continuous search to learn and know more and more about wedding décor ideas that are trending.

So here we are, with cool and quirky wedding décor ideas that you can execute at your wedding venue.


1. The Rickshaw Ride!

Get a rickshaw inside your wedding venue as a wedding décor structure and you will see all your wedding guests posing for a cute Instagram picture. Don't forget to take your wedding photographer there to get some cool candid shots for your wedding album.


Image Courtesy: Desert Pearl Entertainment


Image Courtesy: Naked Eye Wedding And Event

2. Upside Down Umbrellas!

Why bother about the scorching sunlight when you can have umbrellas hanging on your outdoor venues. You can either go for Jaipuri umbrellas for a vibrant hue at your wedding or you can go for something subtle in white with pink flowers hanging on a tree.


Image Courtesy: AbhinavBhagatEvents


Image Courtesy: Marigoldweddings

3. For a Vintage Feel!

Make your wedding guests remember the old era with a vintage car as your wedding décor. Yes, why not? We bet this will definitely grab more attention than anything else in the wedding. Decorate it with beautiful garlands and some cute accessories.


Image Courtesy: AbhinavBhagatEvents


Image Courtesy: AbhinavBhagatEvents

4. The Wheel Game!

Done with rickshaw and car? Go for a bicycle decorated with lots of colorful garlands or only marigolds. This piece of decor will definitely be the center of attraction at the wedding venue and a photobooth for many of your cousins and friends.


Image Courtesy: Naked Eye Wedding And Event


Image Courtesy: Marigoldweddings

5. Kaleera Tales!

Leave those boring tents and go for kaleeras and cute bangle hangings as your roof décor this wedding season. Kaleeras play a significant role in a bride’s life. This piece of jewellery is most loved by not only the bride but her friends as well. Then, why not make it a décor idea? Try it out with some colourful flowers hanging from the roof and let your venue's roof grab some attention.


Image Courtesy: Naked Eye Wedding And Event


Image Courtesy: Marigoldweddings

6. Back To School with Origami!

If you think flowers and garlands are common décor ideas and you want something unique, then, nothing is better than going for a roof with origami presentations. Sounds a little weird, but, this can prove to be an awesome idea.


Image Courtesy: AbhinavBhagatEvents


Image Courtesy: Naked Eye Wedding And Event

7. Bowl-ed!

Fish bowls with flowers and ribbons hanging from trees is a new trend these days. Why not give it a try? A pastel coloured ribbon with flowers of same colour will make your wedding décor look amazing.


Image Courtesy: Marigoldweddings

8. A Dreamy Affair!

So, this one is the unique one amongst all on the list. Dream catchers as your wedding décor, yes! It will proffer a boho touch and can be perfect for a day wedding function. They are meant to catch all the bad dreams and thoughts, so get ready to grab some good luck for your new beginnings.


Image Courtesy: Marigoldweddings

9. Caught in the Cage!

If you want a great entrance to your wedding venue, then, style your wedding entrance with cute cages hanging from the roof. For a calmer environment, put some scented candles in the cages.


Image Courtesy: AbhinavBhagatEvents


Image Courtesy: Naked Eye Wedding And Event


10. Get Framed!

You can hang some large sized hollow frames as pieces of decor at your wedding. Get them in all shapes and sizes so that your wedding guests can use them as their photo backdrops.


Image Courtesy: Designereventsinc


Image Courtesy: Designereventsinc


Hope these wedding decor ideas will be of some help to you. We will be coming up with some more trendy and quirky ideas like these very soon. So, just stay tuned.


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