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- Harini SV

Every little girl falls in love with the idea of a happily ever after and wish for her own prince to whisk her away into the sunset for eternity. All girls dream about their own love story and plan their wedding day, wishing for it to be like that from a fairytale.


Well, Ombré Dizain Co. promises to do just that by transforming the wedding venue from an empty space to that of a magical mystical land which seems to be plucked straight out of a Disney story, with their extraordinary miracle creating skills at wedding decor.


Ombré Dizain Co. is one of the best wedding decorators in Delhi, with around 10 years or so experience in this field they have come to be known as an extraordinaire wedding décor team of sorts. From enthralling backdrops to elegant centerpieces, they leave no stones unturned in making your wedding ceremony look absolutely enchanting with a magical vibe that seems to hold everyone spellbound at its beauty, filling them to the brim with awe.


Weddings are all about love and the union of two people in the matrimonial knot and thus it only makes sense that one should have a wedding which describes their love story, of their journey from complete strangers to the point where they decided to take the big leap of faith, of getting married. Understanding this, they strive to work closely with all of their clients for a flawless, stellar and terrific affair, tailoring each wedding uniquely and especially according to their clients' desires with customized wedding décor design.


From retro classic vintage style to quirky funky and contemporary, to the traditional grandiose, to bold risqué and out of the box styles, they have the skill set to bring to life all and any sort of wedding theme your heart desires. With a special penchant for creating fantasy fairytale story like weddings, with their royal castle décor theme fulfilling the dreams of all the Disney princess loving brides out there.


Their genuine zeal for all things decor is clearly visible and can further be proved by their loyal and impressive clientele following. Visit to book Ombré Dizain Co.

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