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-Sumanya sehgal

A photographer is an expert who has the ability to look at a particular scenario and say “People call those imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff”. We all need a photographer who has this ability, otherwise, it is easy to capture anything and everything but, to capture the essentials and the hidden is an art. brings forth amazing photographers under One Fine Day, who are going to make it all too trendy and modish for you that you will be left spellbound and in awe of their work for years to come.

It is very important as well as difficult to capture moments which the audience desire to be captured. For a photographer, at times, it becomes difficult to capture according to the demands of the couple or the family but then, their wishes become a photographer’s first priority.

‘One Fine Day’ knows how to inculcate the demands and the vision of their couples through the technology and techniques of their lenses. They are even specialized in candid photography.

They know quite well as to how to capture that perfect shot wherein you are not being asked to pose. Isn’t this too cool and creative? *happy dance*

Another important aspect one should keep in mind while hiring their wedding photographer is to know about the cameras that they are using, what all technologies they are using, after all, it is ‘your wedding’ and it is your right to know it. 

‘One Fine Day’ is known to use all new releases in Canon camera. Well, that is quite a high-level technology! Canon cameras are one of the most reputed of the cameras and are known worldwide. Who wouldn’t want to get clicked through canon lenses on their wedding day or for any day for that matter? We all would, I guess.

Lastly, ‘One Fine Day’ have their different style altogether, they have their own unique way to make it special for you. They have even done photo shoots abroad capturing all the quirkiness and emotions through their creativity and imagination.

If you want to have ‘One Fine Day’ capture your beautiful moments, then you can book them, on, now

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Posted on: March 10, 2017 photography, couple, bride,groom,love, candid,pre-wedding, shot,click, camera, wedding album,


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