Capture Your Special D-Day Moments With One Frame Stories

One Frame Stories captures with grace your most marked and close-to-heart D-day moments, for you to cherish them throughout your lives.

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One frame story is a Delhi based photography venture with an industrial experience of more than ten years. Through the successful years of their professional journey, the leading photography studio has been able to build a satisfied clientele. The best in Delhi photography studio believes that “the process of capturing a photograph starts long before one clicks the shutter and once the shutter is clicked, a tale is created; the tale narrated by a single frame.” And One Frame Stories has been narrating fairytales through their clicks, one at a time.



The creative and artistic visualiser at One Frame Stories added in a recent interview, “Photography is an Art for us and every click is an expression of the artist in us. The core team of our company has rich experience in films, advertising and photography.” One Frame Stories aims at understanding the perspectives that each couple has of our not-so-different lives and capturing it with love and perfection. The creative venture believes that the difference in perspectives is what makes the life different. Majority of the couples go through similar instances in their day-to-day lives, yet interpret it differently. Their perspectives are what help One Frame Stories gather awesome insights and remain inspired for the future.



One Frame Stories is a concept initiated to showcase how different people have varied perspective about the same thing. With One Frame Stories intend to encourage people to write and share stories with them and by people they mean anybody and everybody who can write, want to write and are hesitant to write.“



One Frame Stories is deemed as the best in wedding and pre-wedding photography. Their packages start from INR 75,000.


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