An Emotional Open Letter From A Father To His Son-in-Law

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-Sumanya Sehgal

Dear son ,

30th of March is the date when my twenty-five-year-old rose is going to be yours. I know how have I nurtured it, moments when it used to rain, the little red colored rose used to feel afraid of the thunder and lightning and when it used to breeze and little drizzling made it all blossom. This is the incident when my rose was just five years old. But my child, the case has not changed twenty years from then. My rose is still afraid of the roaring in the sky, the trembling of the mother earth and one dread of a scolding.

Well, this does not mean that the rose is meek or not independent. It is one brave of a living organism who knows how to strive it through all. But dear, we all need someone to hold on to, someone who has our back, someone’s whose back we have. True it is, that we all are complete in what we are and with what we have, but we all need a partner who completes the incomplete part of our completeness. And from my rose, it is you. A girl will never say whatever she wishes, whatever she desired whole-heartedly and straightforwardly, it is the boy that needs to understand- the real man needs to understand.

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My son, we all are so independent in our fields that we often misinterpret the independence with happiness and miss out on small little things that could have made our bond with our closed ones stronger. We may have all the money, we all may live in well maintained, properly furnished, air conditioned houses and we all may have somebody at our beck and call always, be it the maid in our house or our driver, but if we just once, pause and think, do we really have someone, we will get an answer, an answer to the importance of every relationship in our life.

My dear child, you, as a husband, as a son, as a son-in-law, as a brother, as a friend, are going to face many situations wherein you will be made to fulfill each of the different relationships. Always remember to maintain a balance among all.
Always remember that one you won’t have any friend, any more servants, but you will always three superwomen in your way, not out of obligation, but out of love and choice: your mother, your sister, and your wife.

 Make sure you have them all with you forever.

With lots of love
Yours going-to-be father/father-in-law.

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Posted on: March 15, 2017 bride,groom,parents,son-in-law,honeymoon,relationship,love,open letter,emotions,shadi


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