An Open Letter To That Ex Whom I Can Never Stop Loving

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Dear Ex,

Even though our relationship ended on a bad note and we both never wanted to see each other again, I am here, writing this letter to tell you how much I miss you. You are probably very happy in your life and have nothing to do with what I feel but there was this streak of happiness I felt with you and that is what is missing in my life since the time you are gone.

Remember what a beautiful time it was when we use to go out shopping, watch meaningless movies or even fight over stupid things? Well, I haven’t forgotten any bit of it. We both grew up together knowing what makes us happy and for me, happiness meant you.


You were not just someone I loved (probably still love), you were a habit, a bad habit that I am still trying my best to get rid of. Even though my job, friends, family and present life as a whole is fulfilling, you are there in the back of my mind always and I am secretly wishing that you were a part of all this.  

When I visit our favorite restaurant with my friends or even cross the streets where we use to wander around all day, it takes me through a stroll in nostalgia. You were mean, you were wrong and back then I hated you from the bottom of my heart but now that we have been apart for all these months, I realized that I can never stop loving you.

I don’t know where life is going to take us. I don’t even know whether we are ever going to cross paths again but I know one thing for a fact – you were the one who taught me how to love and even when I find a partner who loves me unconditionally, forgetting you would be impossible.



The Hopeless Me! 


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