6 Major Reasons to Hire A Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding?

You might master your daily skin care and makeup routine like a pro but bridal makeup is entirely a different science that requires skills and expertise. Read on to know why you should hire a makeup artist for your wedding.

Author: Nikita-wadi | Updated: November 27, 2018 12:26 IST

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Indian weddings are all about pomp and show. Whether or not the families can afford to host an opulent wedding for their bairns, they steady their courses to organise one. Bridal jewelry and attires top the wedding shopping list and makeup is stuffed somewhere at the end. While a majority of the brides prefer doing their makeup themselves, only a few find it better to hire a makeup artist for their wedding.


So, if you at all you have decided to do your makeup yourself on the wedding day, consider these points to understand ‘why the veterans suggest the importance of hiring a professional makeup artist for the D-day’.

Perks of hiring a professional makeup artist-

1.Your Love For Subtle Bridal Look: Makeup artists best analyse your skin types to create a bridal look that suits your personality. As the modern brides prefer subtle nude wedding looks over the blingy ones; the professionals focus on creating the look asked for by simultaneously trying to make the bride look the best version of herself and not someone else.


Latest Bridal Makeup Trends


2.Tight Wedding-Day Schedule:

Months before the wedding day, your home gets jammed with all the gifts and packages that need to be given to the relatives or the bride and the groom. While amidst this, makeup might seem to be a minor detail; it stands extremely important for it sets the look of the bride for the functions followed and obviously the wedding day. Hiring a professional makeup artist amid all the hassles always helps. They know just the magic wand to swipe right for the perfect bridal look.


Engagement makeup ideas


3. Locking The Makeup for Hours:

We usually end up buying high-end cosmetics without even knowing about its application for our bridal makeup. Knowledge about the proper application of makeup comes with experience and knowledge. Professional makeup artists have the knack of applying the tested makeup products and locking it for hours. They can make you look the best version of yourself without you looking cakey or overdone.


Ideas to rock the D-day


4. Looks that define your personality:

While no Indian wedding in a one-day event, the bride has to plan for different looks for all the related events. If you plan to do your makeup yourself, the stress and pressure to look exceptionally charismatic on all the functions builds tension that affects your adversely. Professionals help to lower any such pressure.

5. Wedding Album is a memoir to cherish:

A wedding album is a memoir to all the fervor and drama at your marriage. Professional makeup artists create a wedding look for you that is “photoready”. No blemishes or marks or fine lines, if any are visible in the photographs, such are the skills of these veterans.



6. Cost-Effective Makeover:

With plenty of cosmetics available in the market, it becomes even more difficult for you to choose the right ones suiting your skin tone and type. Most often, we end up spending on makeup products that we don’t use. Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding costs much lesser. Also, you get the bridal look you have always dreamt off without any hassles.

The execution of your idea of a dreamy fairytale is just a call away. Hire the best makeup artists in Delhi to be the show stopper on your special day.

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