6 Phrases You Definitely Shouldn't Use In Front Of A Newly-wed Bride

Beautiful and entertaining – weddings are a happy place to be at. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Nidhibakhru | Updated: January 20, 2016 6:53 IST

Beautiful and entertaining – weddings are a happy place to be at. It is an affair so interesting and beyond comprehension that can lead to changes aplenty and serendipity. With marriage comes a whole new world of difference before and after the wedding. This transition is more complex for a woman. From being a happy-go-lucky bachelorette to reach the expectations of her in-laws and the society, a bride has a lot of things gushing through her thoughts.  
As her bend of mind switches, it is easier to hop mad over the tiniest of troubles. So to avoid being on the other side of her happy phase, here are a couple of phrases you should not be spilling in front of a newlywed bride.


1. Now all that’s left is a baby to complete the family!

Because producing children remains to be the whole point of her existence. Let her settle down with her aspirations and keep your thoughts off her personal life unless you want some burning comebacks.


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2Look at yourself! You have put on a lot of weight! 

You don’t know the amount of time she had to spend in the gym to fit into that gorgeous wedding dress or the stringent diet she had to follow to look that stunning on her wedding day. Let her enjoy her share of platter now.



3. Auntyji!

Now that’s called rattling someone’s cage. Never ever call a new bride Auntyji, for the sake of your nose.



4. How much fortune did you spend on your wedding?

The lovely dresses. The striking Mandap. The scrumptious food. The exquisite decoration. Yes, these do cost a fortune. But no one understands the significance of these better than the bride and she’s worth it.


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5. Did you know what happened at your wedding?

Just because her aunt’s sister’s son’s niece burped at her wedding, doesn’t mean she has to know about it.



6. May your marriage never end in divorce

You may truly wish her a happy and a successful married life by your words but by no means plant the word “divorce” in her system.



As someone rightly said, a new bride has the tendency to explode like a bomb. Handle with care.

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