PISCES WOMAN (February 19 – March 20)

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-Sumanya sehgal

Pisces woman is a repository of love, innocence, passion and angelic desires willing to make this world a better place to live in. We have read multiple times online and in newspapers about the soul pacifying attitude of a Pisces woman who if asked to shout would probably opt for escaping that situation rather than to engage in an infuriating behavior as asked. Such an epitome of sensitive and spiritual enlightenment is our Pisces woman!

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Pisces Woman When In Love
When in love, they are total dreamers! There is nobody who can be as caring, as loving, and as undeterred as a Pisces woman. She is a pure lovelorn lady who might pretend to be a strong, independent woman but in reality, is a shy and baby-like sweetheart who always wants to be in the warm embrace of her man. Pisces women generally have deep, intuitive and mysterious eyes which are a storehouse of their soothing personality. You can always trust a Pisces woman blindly. She is never going to let you regret your decision of trusting her.

Pisces Woman When In a Relationship
A Pisces woman when in a relationship is bold and will always go according to her will and opinions. She does not want to get confined in a little space of possessiveness and yearns for freedom like any other individual. If she finds that you are just the right person for her, she will explore all avenues to hold you for this life and after. But wait, if she finds that you are not honest enough to accept the truth, if she feels that she might get a better man than you, then sweetheart, she would not think twice about breaking up with you. Pisces woman is not going to wait for you to prove yourself though she will give you ample amount of time to tell, the truth but she would find hard to believe because action speaks louder than words.

Ways to Impress a Pisces Woman
You do not really need to go about buying those silk stocking gifts for her because she would not get impressed that easily. A Pisces woman would love if you write a poem or two for her, paint a picture expressing your love for her, or just take her for a long drive amidst a hectic day because that shows her worth in your life, your desire for her. She tends to find happiness in small romantic gestures that weigh a lot and is going to be head over heels in love with you if you serve with an ocean full of love and warmth.

A Pisces woman is one beautiful individual that nobody can afford to lose since they are magical and a treat to our souls!
Bandbaajaa.com wishes all the powerful and independent Pisces women a very soulful journey ahead. Be Blessed Always!

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