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-  Sumanya Sehgal

A wedding is not all about celebrations, fun, food, and dance but it is also about how these all are managed simultaneously. A wedding is a major event which needs proper organization without any much of chaos and hassles.


Find the Best Wedding Vendors Near You

Before going visualizing for your wedding, make sure that an event needs proper planning and management. So, to make it all too easy for you, brings a list of wedding planners in India who know how to make it all too beautiful for you.


White Water Events is a wedding and an event management company who have an experience of more than 6 years and usually cover 15-20 marriages in a year. So, there is no doubt that they are adept in the field of event management. When it comes to destination weddings, they do cover both national and international weddings as per their couple’s demand.

For White Water Events, the best way to bring their skills to light is to add a synonym to their works. So, we can very well equate White Water Events with perfection. They are connoisseurs in almost everything that is required for a wedding to be grand and an immensely loved affair, be it wedding decors, hospitality, catering, entertainment or anything than the mentioned.


You name it and they know how to add that extra edge to your imagination and their works. White Water Events is a solution to all your event management related problems.

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