#ShaadiSeason – Quirky Pictures Ideal For A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Because the pre-wedding phase has a charm of its own.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: November 26, 2016 7:21 IST

The pre-wedding phase has a charm of its own. The preparations are in full swing, you start to feel that you are actually getting hitched and above all, there is anxiety blended with excitement that gives the face a natural glow. Well, is there any reason why that glow should not be a part of your wedding album? Apparently not!

We feel pre-wedding photoshoots are simply adorable and no couple should miss out on the opportunity to make it a part of their memory bank. If you are stuck deciding whether to get clicked before you are officially Mr. and Mrs., here are some quirky shots that will convince you to book a wedding photographer right away to capture those beautiful pre-wedding moments. 


1. Unlike the clichéd poses where the groom holds his better half in his arms, why not try the other way round! Let the wheel be in her hand while her to-be hubby admires her power.

Image Courtesy - https://www.instagram.com/harvarindersingh/


2. The couple can try a colorful background and just pose for the cameras with the only condition being not the usual dull and stereotypically romantic poses. 

Image Courtesy - https://www.instagram.com/thepicturedestination/


3. A quirky shoot demands an out of the box idea and nothing can be better than unusual props. This shaadi season another trending fashion is that of DIY props and we think they let your creativity come out which looks nothing but adorable!

Image Courtesy - https://www.instagram.com/ekanshphotoworkz/


4. For once, just forget about all the arrangements, the ‘OMG, I am getting married’ stress, the guest list, the finances, his sherwani and the hairdresser and just focus on each other, have fun because no matter what, you are never getting this time back.

Image Courtesy - Picture Together


5. The idea of making her feel like a princess is never getting old but with the only condition of being creative and new in your style. So, for all the grooms out there, the only suggestion is to never let even a single moment to make her feel special go by!

Image Courtesy - https://www.instagram.com/pksuriworldwidestudios/


6. As a throwback to the black and white dramatic era, pose like it’s the 90’s and dress like Zeenat Aman and Dev Anand. Get out the Bollywood fan in you and live the moment as wedding jitters kick in. 

Image Courtesy - Picture Together


7. What’s his favourite sport or yours? Go sporty with the look and pose wearing the jerseys and a football. You never know, this might be an opportunity to get to know a new thing about your to-be better half.

Image Courtesy - https://www.instagram.com/ezwed.in/


8. Let there be love blended with some excitement and definitely some privacy. Choose an exotic location or a lavish fort and spend the day getting infinite pictures clicked for the shoot. 

Image Courtesy - https://www.instagram.com/pictureartcompany/


9. Did you meet him at a friend’s party? Was it your girlfriend who told you to text him ‘I love you?’ Well, you definitely owe it to that one person who helped you get together or your friend who was always there to resolve fights between you two. It must be a mandatory picture or you can always opt for a groupfie for your wedding shoot to be special.

Image Courtesy - https://www.instagram.com/mikiphoto.ashdav/ 


Aren’t you excited to get clicked already?
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Guest blog by Simran Bhalla. 



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