Arranged Marriage Special – 5 Questions Every Girl Must Ask On the First Rishta Meeting

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Arranged Rishta meetings can get really awkward, especially for the fairer sex! There are hopeful parents on one side and a total stranger on the other and all that’s going on in your head is, ‘Where am I stuck!’ But living India, these Rishta meetings are totally inevitable.

If your profile is up on matrimony sites and columns all over the internet and newspapers, here are those questions you must ask every guy you parents consider an ideal match!


1. What Are You Passionate About?

Travelling, cooking, music, dancing, there has to be something that he loves to do. Ask him about his passion and you never know, it could be similar to that of yours. Also, a conversation about one’s hobbies and interests can stretch much longer at the same time telling you a lot about the person.


2. What Is Your Dream Job?

Even if he’s settled in a handsomely paying profession, ask him whether he is pursuing his dream or not. Once he describes his dream job, you will have an idea about how ambitious he is and where he is going to be 5-7 years down the line.


3. What Is That One Thing You’ve Done To Surprise Your Parents?

Start off with describing an incident where you left no stone unturned to make your parents happy and then, in the same flow ask him what is the sweetest thing he has ever put an effort in. Not only is this question very important to understand what his family means to him but it will also give you a hint about his intention to put in an effort to make his near and dear ones smile.


4. What Do You Think About Live-in Relationships?

Since you are meeting for the first time, he’s probably going to act all cool and tell you that he has no problem living in with someone and that this concept is really helpful. What he says could be what he genuinely feels but here, it’s time for you to play smart and decode the little things he says to understand how broad his thinking is!


5. Do You Like Dogs?

As soon as you ask this question, his expression is going to tell you everything. Provided you are a dog lover, you can make out whether he loves those cute little balls of furr and sheer joy or no! Also remember, a girl had to break her marriage because she did not feel that this question carried any weightage initially. Do you feel the same? Well, it’s time to rethink!

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  • Farji Baba
    All these quetions do not matter at all while talking about marriage proposal. Its a rubbish post

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