7 Questions To Ask Yourself While Choosing The Maid Of Honour

Worried about the perfect support system on your wedding day? Let us tell you how to go about the search for the perfect Maid of Honour.

Author: Jessica Sharma | Updated: August 17, 2018 6:54 IST

So, the wedding season is here and the grooms have to worry about just a couple of things, or less. As the world is cleaved into the idea of women worrying too much, it would be nothing short of blasphemy if the brides-to-be 'underthought' the most important day of their lives. There are at least 1000 things you have to think about and only your bridesmaid can help you out at every step. After the search for the perfect husband is over, search for the perfect maid of honour starts. It has to be one of your best friends. But as nature has it, we may have many best friends and it can be tricky to decide which best friend to choose from the gang. But, fret not. We are going to give you some handy tips to choose your maid of honour without a worry. Just ask yourself these 7 questions:


1. How 'really' close I am to each woman?

The key question here is to decide and assess, how exactly do you want your maid of honour to be and how many of those qualities do you find in your friends. The moment you are sure of these, then the difficult part arises, which is, how close exactly are you to these friend(s)? No matter how much your friend 'looks the part' or it may seem politically correct to choose her, you absolutely have to go with the girl you are closest to, no matter what.




2. Who is most likely to give me the attention I need?

There might be your sister, your cousin sisters or anybody but only your best friend will understand what you need and will always be there for you. Of course, there will be your sisters looking out for you but your best friend will be a part of all the intimate family ties, the memories of which you both can cherish years after.




3. Do any of my friends get easily offended or emotional?

When you are choosing your bridesmaid out of your girl squad, you have to be considerate of everyone’s feelings. as it is, we girls are very emotionally sensitive so it's not the hardest of the tasks for us to get offended. So, when you are choosing one out of them, you have to be really careful as to how you tell them your decision and be respectful towards their feelings. You can assign each one of them a wedding-related task or ask them to accompany you on some wedding related errand so that they do not feel left out.




4. Will my wedding put any of my friends in a difficult position?

If you are torn between two friends; for example, if one of your friends would have to travel often to attend pre-wedding events or if the other one just started a new job. You may find that one lady would be relieved to take on a lesser role.




5. Am I getting influenced?

One issue you have to take care of is that you have to ask yourself if you are feeling pressurised about choosing your bridesmaid from your mother, mother–in-law or even your own friends. One thing you have to be clear about is that YOU and only YOU should decide who you want as your bridesmaid. As it’s a once in a lifetime decision, should be something that you actually always wanted or else you will keep feeling sour about it till eternity.




 6. Will she understand the responsibilities?

Weddings are supposed to be super fun, celebrating and liberating. There's dance and drinks all over the place and everyone has a gala time. But all that matters only when you are feeling good about yourself and that everything has gone according to your preferences. And who has to make sure that all of these things are done right? You guessed it right. Your maid of honour. Make her understand her exact role and responsibilities for the D-day and express the importance of her role to her. Or else, you might hear on the wedding day that she is half drunk even before your dress arrives.




7. Is she socially awkward?

One and the only 'no-no' for the selection process for your maid of honour is she being socially awkward. Her job and role solely depends upon how good she is at communicating with others as she has to talk to everyone to check whether everything is right or not. She has to be a social butterfly who makes everyone feel and be at ease, especially you. There is no point having a coy maid of honour as no matter how hard the poor thing tries, she will end up being just a maid with no honour.




So ladies, whoever you choose, be careful that you don't hurt your sister or any of your best friends. Just follow these simple steps and select your wing woman without any apprehensions.


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