4 Quirky Ways To Fashion Your Wedding Invites

Check out these ideas before zeroing down on your wedding invitations! Dig into the blog to know more

Author: Sharanyajakhmola | Updated: December 29, 2015 7:58 IST

Every couple wishes to not lose their identity in the madness of weddings. Maintaining your own identity is the first step to a memorable wedding that is just as personal. To leave an indelible mark, begin with customising your wedding invites with unconventional creativity. The classic Indian wedding cards with the blend of whites and maroon are timelessly elegant. However, if you want your wedding to be the talk of the town, it’s imperative for you to choose a coming of age wedding invite, which is indicative of your individuality. 
Check out these ideas before zeroing down on your wedding invitations! 


1. Individuality

 The wedding invite should be reflective of your aura as a couple. Design your wedding invite in a way that it translates into the mood of your relationship. You could use colours that reflect passion. Design your wedding invitations with the basic maxim of aesthetic pleasure, but don’t lose sight of your individuality as a couple while doing so.

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2. Make it Edgy

To ensure that your wedding invite’s character doesn’t ebb away in the pile of other generic invites. Personalising and embellishing the wedding invite by the means of employing pictures of the bride and the groom, and incorporating short and meaningful anecdotes from the couple’s romantic history can do wonders to make the invite edgy.


3. Set the Tone

Use the wedding invite to communicate the tone of the wedding to all the guests. If you are planning a sophisticated lavish affair, ensure that you spare no expense in designing the invite and set the ball of conversation around your wedding. If you are dreaming of concocting the perfect small and intimate wedding gathering, let your wedding invitation card do the talking. Use the wedding card to communicate to your guests as to what to expect from the wedding.

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4. Create Excitement

 The wedding invitation cards are the best way to create a buzz about your wedding and get your guests pumped up for the wedding ceremony. As per usual, most of the wedding invitations are skimmed through and thrown out once the information has been communicated. Create dollops of anticipation and excitement for other unconventionality at the wedding ceremony.


Now isn’t this the best way to kick-start your wedding shenanigans? Drop in your comments below, if you have more interesting ideas to share! 

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