Real Story - My Husband Whispered This In My Ear At Our Wedding And I Couldn't Stop Smiling

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- Harini SV  

Looking in the mirror, nervousness and panic clawed its way up as I realised that I was all but ready to go and had no more reasons to procrastinate. I never thought that I would be one of those brides who was riddled with nerves and with twisted knots in my stomach. But I managed to get myself together somehow, to be honest, I don’t remember much about my walk down to the mandap, it was all a bit hazy perhaps it was the anxiousness but what I experienced next, that is etched in my mind with vivid detail. It was one of those clichéd moments which I always assumed to be totally unbelievable and yet I cannot help but use the same as no other words can describe that moment. That moment when our eyes met it was like the world came into focus yet it faded away at the same time, everything else just became a background white noise. … A giddy rush came over me, butterflies were fluttering in my stomach well more like punching me, my heart sped up, my pulse raced, a toothy smile spread on my face and the wide smile he gave me melted my poor little heart all over again. As if in a trance I made my way to him, lost in a world of just him and me. When I finally sat down, he turned towards me, gosh! I cannot believe that this handsome man is about to become my husband. With love and adoration glittering in his eyes, he whispered in my ear ‘I cannot take my eyes off you, you have me spellbound in your beauty that’s how gorgeous you are, I am the luckiest guy on this planet to get to make you my wife and I can’t wait to take you home and spend the rest of forever with you.’ And as cheezy as it was, it still made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world, all the months of mayhem and chaos was absolutely worth it. That perfect moment, is one of my most cherished memories that I treasure and guard close to my heart. And when I said my heart melted before, in that second it was a puddle-y mess.


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