9 Reasons Why A Punjabi Wedding Is The Coolest

Punjabi weddings are flooded with vibrant colours, interesting people and all kinds of shenanigans.

Author: Khushigupta | Updated: January 22, 2016 10:44 IST

Have you ever attended a Punjabi wedding? If not, this is an event you should never miss. There ain’t no party like a Punjabi wedding party, not that other weddings aren’t as fun, but come on! Punjabi weddings are flooded with vibrant colours, interesting people and all kinds of shenanigans.


1. Lavish as ever

From the venue to the decorations, outfits, lighting and literally everything falls under the category of ‘Lavish’. You can easily spot a Punjabi wedding from 3 blocks away. Punjabis know how to live in the moment wholeheartedly and make every celebration grand and magnanimous.


2. Interesting motives

There are some over-confident Gabrus (guys) that leave no stone unturned to gain attention to earn a good impression and the Sohni Mutiyaars (girls) who spend hours wearing makeup to take a lead in the unspoken war of beauty.



3. The Negotiators

Most of us thought that a person usually cuts a ribbon to inaugurate an institute or a store. But at Punjabi weddings, the cheeky saalis (sisters of the bride) demand a huge amount of money from the groom to enter into his own wedding venue. The groom’s negotiators, usually his brothers or the chachas (uncles of the groom), who start feeling like the 20-year olds again are seen convincing the group of sisters-in-law to accept 5,100 rupees instead of 51,000 saying that it's just a matter of an extra zero. 



4. The never ending “Note Ferna

Punjabis love showing their extravagance. They will surely have an unending production of 50-rupees notes when it comes to ‘nazar utarna’ (to ward off evil). Thus is one of those activities that start from the first ritual till the time when the bride reaches her new home. 


5. Music and dance

Dance, Bhangra, Gidda, Sweep-the-floor Nagin Dance, Rail Gaddi sequence and well, some more dance. From the kids doing what we call dance to the shyest aunties transforming into Punjabi Shakira’s to even the distant friend of the distant cousin who isn’t distantly aware of whose wedding he is attending. 



6. Over-bearing loud aunties

Lovable and melodramatic outbreaks of aunties are fun to watch and extremely entertaining. All you need to do is strike a conversation and brace yourself for the time of your life. It is sometimes hard to tell if the stories are true or made-up but you are bound to have a good laugh. There are also some inquisitive aunties looking for eligible bachelors to set them up with their neighbour’s uncle’s cousin’s daughter who they ‘think’ might be of a marriageable age.


7. There is no such thing as too much food

You wouldn’t find less than 10 cuisines lined up, with over 10 varieties of each dish in starters, salads, curds, main course, desserts, snacks, cocktails and the list goes on and on. Non-Veg being the pride of the wedding with 80% of the guests lining up to feast on the array of non-veg dishes, leaving the veg section deserted sometimes.


8. Shagun

With the right tactics, you can make a lot of money. You can probably purchase your own car if parents don’t intervene when relatives insist on giving you their token of ‘love’ in the form of Shagun. You’d probably see more posers and more pictures clicked here than at the celebrity photo shoot at the Oscars. 



9. In need of some blessing? Come visit a Punjabi wedding

The never-ending loop of ‘pairi pona’s’ might leave you with a sore back. But on the brighter side, you will own a collection of heartfelt aashirwaads in hefty numbers. 

The Punjabi weddings are known for their ‘larger than life’ celebrations. Their king-size lifestyle and loving nature are both reflected in their weddings.

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