7 Reasons Why Best Friends Make The Best Wedding Planners

It goes without saying that best friends remain an indispensable part of your wedding. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Tirnasengupta | Updated: January 20, 2016 6:55 IST

Whether it’s about your very first innocent crush at the age of 11 or about the day when your man bent on his knee holding your hands in his own to ask you – “Will you marry me?’’. You never let any detail go untold to your best friends. It has been aptly clichéd that best friends make everything seem beautiful. 
The rules for standard behaviour fall out of the window when talking to best friends and this is why best friends make the best wedding planners. 



When you are a bride-to-be, a hell lot of decisions which need to be taken. When you are having a hard time reflecting upon your own insights, it is where best friends step in. They have peeled off all the layers present in you and know exactly what’s going in your mind when you are baffled about things. 



Believe it or not, your best friends will put in all their efforts to make your dream wedding come true. They won’t mind calling the decor head for the hundredth time to change the pink tulips with the red ones. They will pester the whole world for you till the time everything falls into place. You will find them cancelling their own plans with words “because it is my best friend's wedding”.   


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When it comes to preparing dance performances for your sangeet, you will just find them bouncing here and there. Their boundless excitement gets obvious here. While they make sure to set the floor on fire with their own performance, they will not fail in badgering the neighbourhood aunty also into coming up on the stage to show her own conventional thumkas.




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As if you weren’t already excited enough about the wedding preparations going on, your best friends make it seem all the more exciting and fun. They just can’t get enough of the fact that you are actually getting married. Like, seriously married and don’t be surprised if they come up with a jingle prepared for your wedding. 




“Isn’t it normal to cry, scream, cuss, and throw a tantrum? Now, shut up, and do as I say.” You will panic, you will cry, you will get mad. They would accept all your moods without complaining. Amongst all the merry-making, they actually know the level of stress you are going through. You have a lot of feelings and need to get them all out. 




They will cheerfully slip into the position of your personal photographer too. Her phone would be filled with your photos in the wedding attire which she can’t wait to flaunt in front of others later. You can bug her for as long as you want to at this time. Should the face have been at the angle of ninety degrees exact? Never mind, she will take another, and with a better filter too. 




When all the doors seem closed to you, you know your best friends are ready with an axe in their hands. Besides organising logistics for your wedding, they will also stay by your side when you need any shopping advice. They have seen you sulking in shabby pyjamas at home and have seen you partying in high heels and bodycon dresses. You can’t afford to miss out on your best friends’ approval before you break out a final judgement.  

It goes without saying that best friends remain an indispensable part of your wedding. 

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