Reasons Why It Is Simply Amazing To Marry Your Best Friend

The thing about being with your best friend is that you can be yourself, without the fear of being judged.

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Marrying your best friend is a big fat cliché, true! The thing about being with your best friend is that you can be yourself, without the fear of being judged. You don't have to pretend to be someone you are not. That being said, many people define the relationship with their best friend as 'Two peas in a pod' which is yet another way to say that you are perfect for each other. So if you decide to tie the knot with your bestie, here are some reasons why it's such a great idea!


1. Hanging Out is always fun

It is often said that after getting married the relationship starts losing its spark. But marrying your bestie will sure have its perks regarding this. You, people, are well acquainted with likes, dislikes and hangout places that you always enjoy. As best friends, you have already done pretty childish things together and you're not about to stop anytime soon because you are so comfortable with each other and you don't care about getting embarrassed.

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2. Inside jokes

We all have plenty of such jokes that make us blush and often we find ourselves grinning sheepishly in public. These jokes are always shared with people who we are congenial with. If you get married to your best friend, usually you guys have a good laugh at an  inside joke, just between the two of you. When asked " what's so funny", you simply reply "it's nothing" with a smug smile.

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3. Wear each other’s clothes 

Certain things are deemed as weird for couples to do, for example, wearing each other’s clothes but when bear friends are couples then, weird usually becomes the norm. You, people, are totally in sync and your friendship has blossomed into real love. And truth be told, it is just so endearing and warning when you share clothes and then lovingly make fun of each other.

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4. No adjustments required

The process of adjusting to your partner's taste is smoother. You people easily fall into each other’s schedule without feeling weird or getting awkward. You have never expressed yourself ever because there's this unsaid bond you share. You are already to accustom to each other’s likes and dislikes and are also well equipped to deal with the problems.

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5. The Love is unconditional 

As quoted by Christie Cook "Marriage is getting to have a sleepover with your best friend, every single night of the week". Your best friend will always weave a sense of belonging for you because you have known each other for a really long time. The love you share is genuine, let's be real you are kind of living your own fairytale.

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6. Partner- in – crime

Remember when you were younger and you used to be together and always have fun. The only person on the planet who knows how to tickle your funny bone is your bestie! Want do something crazy? You will always have your partner ready to step in. They will always have your back no questions asked.

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7. Aware of each other’s past

They are well- versed with each of your embarrassing and cringe worthy moments; after all, it was with them when it all happened. You can be yourself with them and be the craziest you. You don't have to call each other all the time to know that you have each other on the mind. You connect at a much deeper level!

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8. Always have something to talk about

Without running out of topics, you can go on and on continuously for hours with your best friend without getting bored. Being stuck with someone who doesn't get your sarcasm cannot relate to you, can be a bane!  And you know what's the perfect recipe for a disaster, when you have nothing in common and your partner is south while you are north.

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As besties you have pretty much shared a childhood together and been through every other phase of life, leading to zero embarrassments, zero awkwardness, and absolutely no regrets being your crazy self!

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