5 Reasons You Should Sign Up For Dance Lessons Before Your Big Day

Take out time and sign up for dance lessons before the big day with the person who’ll be soon bounded by divine laws to be your life partner. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Khushigupta | Updated: December 26, 2015 11:20 IST

Beyond all the crazy schedules and nitty-gritty planning, the most obvious and quintessential aspect of the wedding is the relationship between you and the one. Often weddings metamorphose into such a whopping event that the little joys of life are overlooked.  
Take out time and sign up for dance lessons before the big day with the person who’ll be soon bounded by divine laws to be your life partner.

1. Move away from the stress

You both deserve some time away from stressing about canopies, wedding gowns, and the trivial issues that come up with the event planning. Waltzing around the room with your fiancée would comfort you and be a nice excuse to just simply enjoy yourself. Sometimes just dancing can calm you in ways no spa treatment could and help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. 



2. Focus on each other

This day isn’t about the food, the guests or even about the wedding attire. It is about the eternal vows you have made to the one you love and the beginning of a life where you become each other’s half. Sway with romantic numbers and celebrate love. Focus on what is important here.  


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3. Release of oxytocin

The more body parts move simultaneously, the higher is the release of oxytocin. Exercise, swimming, and running make a person visibly more relaxed. Similarly, dancing helps you relax and be happier with the release of oxytocin which is also referred to as cuddle hormone or holiday hormone. 


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4. Rekindle your romance

With everyone always gathered around and the big day drawing near, it becomes harder to spend quality time with your fiancée. Dance lessons are a good way to rekindle your romance. Remember the movie, Dirty Dancing? Well, now is the time to unleash your inner diva and share a movie moment with your spouse to be.



5. Make it Memorable

You carry forth in your life, not the perfect little details of an event but memories that make up for stories. This is your chance to make a good memory. Dancing with your partner could be hilariously awkward if either of you is three legged or amazingly romantic if you have what it takes to move smoothly on the floor. Either way, it would be something you’d remember and cherish. The first dance and the song you choose become monumentally important. 

So put on your dancing shoes and find yourself an instructor, to laugh, dance and make memories with the one you love!


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