How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Jethani/Dewrani

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- Harini SV

Irrespective of whether you are about to enter a joint family or are going to live separately jethanis and devranis while may not be sisters by blood but are sisters by law and it’s high time that they start acting like one. It’s time to throw away this age old tradition and the stereotype of petty rivalry, competitiveness, and animosity between the Jethanis and devrains, instead embrace peace and harmony by becoming sisters by choice and not just by law.
Bandbaajaa in support of this has listed five things that you can adopt to maintain a good relationship with your jethani or devrani, so go ahead and spread some girl/sister love.

1.Treat this relationship like any new friendship

Approach this relationship like you would a budding friendship, meaning befriend them, get to know them, respect them, learn all their quirks, likings and peeves and behave accordingly, most of all listen to their needs. Basically be their best friend and if possible more.


2.Do things together to bond more

Make each other feel like a welcomed presence than act like complete strangers, spend some time together and do things that are dedicated for you two to bond. Maybe go shopping together, introduce them to your girl gang, spa day, double date with your hubbies, and of course, there’s nothing better than a girls night/day out. Maybe even make them feel special by getting them gifts.

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3.Treat each other as equals

Do not get caught up in the presumptuous concept of the jethani being the ‘boss’ instead ignore the urge for the constant power play and say goodbye to house politics, by treating each other as equals in all manner. It is natural to butt heads in the certain area but instead of resolving to fights or arguments try working it out by finding a common solution that is mutually beneficial.

4. Watch out for each other

Look out for your jethani/devrani, be there for them, become their support system and most of all step in and hold their back because that’s what sisters are for! After all, you can get through tough problems much better with a strong united front than by adding to it by brewing your dysfunctional relationship with them in the mix.


5. Give each other their personal space

While its all good to be involved in each other’s affairs, make sure you aren’t getting too caught up in it and being downright nosy, give some space and respect their privacy otherwise things will start to feel suffocating which never a good sign which is one of the worst feelings in the world and things are bound to go downhill if that happens.

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