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- Sumanya Sehgal 

There is an Irish proverb, “Laughter is brightest where food is best”. And then there is a little-modified version of our wedding caterer, “Food is brightest where laughter (smile) is best”.



We all wander in search of that perfect wedding caterer whose food tastes well and whose catering team serves well. Well, a malai kofta would not actually taste too good if it is presented on a leaf, but the same dish would appear mouth-watering if is catered beautifully poured in small yet rich bowls, clean and hygienic. caters you all wedding couples-to-be with yet another mind-boggling wedding caterer, who is we are sure, a big-name everywhere, ‘Roshan Di Kulfi’.



Yes, you got that perfect curve on your face with your eyes on stalks. ‘Roshan Di Kulfi’ is a household name and is in the field of catering since 1951, which account for some 66 years of whopping success. This makes them hard to remember the number of marriages they have covered till date, some 1000+ we guess!



They do take into account destination weddings. Be it national or international wedding venues, they are not going to leave any opportunity to make your special day extra special, unutilised.



‘Roshan Di Kulfi’ has its major USP in the trendy decors and settings for the presentation of the food items and the taste of the dishes and specialize in Mughlai style of khaana though they offer a variety of cuisines.



We usually hear our relative and friends say, “everything was good .. par khaana… was not that's good” and these words, trust us, do not seem ear-friendly. ‘Roshan Di Kulfi’ is one such wedding caterer who knows how to impress the taste buds of your guests in the wedding and they are only going to add more sweetness to your wedding through their so-so delicious desserts. 



We believe that your wedding is the right moment when you should go for services that are easy to your pocket and a treat to your souls. And ‘Roshan Di Kulfi’ is just the right choice for you.


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