Confirmed : Sagarika Ghatge And Zaheer Khan Will Have A Winter Wedding!

The famous couple who joined the league of Cricket and Bollywood relationships is soon going to tie the knot.

Author: Sharanyajakhmola | Updated: August 11, 2017 6:48 IST

Ever since the Chak De fame Sagarika Ghatke and Cricketer Zaheer Khan made their relationship public through social media on April 24th, there has been an excitement in the fans for their wedding dates.

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Well, it seems that the wait is finally over, as Sagarika Ghatge In an exclusive chat with Hindustan times spilled the beans for her wedding. She said :

“The wedding is definitely going to happen towards the end of this year. Though no date has been fixed as of now, I’m quite looking forward to getting married.”

After a star studded engagement, they are all set to be married in the winters of 2017.The couple though hasn't started planning their wedding as of now and that is the most stressful part as the soon to be bride says,“You won’t believe it, but nothing has started yet… no shopping, no venue [booking]… and that’s the stressful part because when we talk about it, we realize that time is moving so fast. We’ll have more clarity on what exactly we’re doing and how in a few weeks from now.”

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Talking about how she never thought of it, Sagarika explains the courtship period with Zaheer. "Well, I never dreamed of anything as such." She laughs. "I'm somebody who goes pretty much with the flow. And till now, everything has been quite nice and smooth sailing. I hope it continues like that."

Sagarika and Zaheer have been dating each other for quite some time now, and Sagarika feels Zaheer has all the qualities of a good partner as she says,“With him, the reason I feel most connected is that he understands me. Definitely, he’s a friend first, and everything [else] later. I feel that’s the most important thing one needs in their partner.”

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Well, we wish that them all the luck and happiness and are eagerly waiting 

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