5 Signs You Are The Kareena From Jab We Met


- Harini SV

There are always some characters, whether from books or movies, that just sticks to you and make a huge impact on you, Geet from Jab We Met is one of them. We just can’t get enough of her relatable adorable personality and the movie itself. If you spent the entire film screaming, ‘Me! Me! That’s some…..’, let’s just put this matter to rest, Bandbaajaa.com presents to you 5 signs that prove, you are secretly like Geet from Jab We Met.

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1. Radioactive happiness

You are like a happy pill with two legs, radiating happiness, smiling your way through life and spreading it around. Swallowing all of the bad painful things/memories, with a giant bright smile smacked on your face.

2. But piss me off, you dead meat

But don’t let the bubbly cheery personality fool you into thinking of me being a pushover who lets people walk all over, mess with me and your gonna get your ass whipped and handed back to you on a silver platter along with the addition of a scoop full of colorful words.

3. Always up for an adventure

You make the best out of everything that’s thrown your way. Enjoying life to its fullest, appreciating all the little things that come by. If it’s fun, then you’ll do it even if its bat shit crazy. After all, what’s life without some fun, right? For you, life is just a grand game, full of adventures waiting to be explored and you love that.

4. A mouth with no filter whatsoever

You love LOVE to talk and talk, did we mention talking? You are unapologetically you with strong rock solid opinions on anything and everything, puking out whatever is on your mind with no thought and you aren’t afraid of letting people know things exactly the way they are with no sugarcoating.

5. When you love, it is wholeheartedly especially yourself!

You give your love without any inhibitions, it's pure unadulterated and unconditional. Most of all when you love someone it’s with every cell of your being. And of course let’s not forget about you, yourself being the most important and favorite person of your life. No matter what people think, you’re always going to love yourself.

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