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Looking for a bridal makeup artist that will transform you into an exotic regal queen for your big day?


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    Makeup artists has the answer you have been looking for; Silverine will give you the royal transformation of your life. Silverine’s work is utterly flawless and the epitome of perfection, transforming brides into beautiful real life princesses. Based in Jaipur, Silverine is one of the best makeup studios in the city.

Silverine particularly specializes in the art of airbrushing makeup technique. Silverine also created waterproof matte mineral makeup looks that just perfect for the summer/spring time. Promising flawlessness and finesse, silverine makes their clients feel completely comfortable, at ease and provides absolutely ravishing results. Silverine uses multiple complex makeup techniques creating any type of bridal look that your heart yearns for.


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Silverine especially specializes in the Rajasthani royal Rajputana wedding look, that will turn you into a desert queen. She strives to bring out the innate beauty already present in you and turn you into a bewitching beauty with her mind-blowing skills. She painstakingly customizes each makeup look, exclusively for you that matches your charming personality and your stunning style.


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The icing on the cake is that Silverine not only gives you the bridal makeup look that you always dreamt about but they also provide dazzling bridal nail art services and drool worthy bridal hairstyling to go with your glamorous bridal makeup. They also offer pre-bridal packages, so go indulge in some pamper time that you surely deserve at Silverine. Go to to book Silverine, the best makeup artist in Jaipur.

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Posted on: April 06, 2017 Silverine, Makeup artist,Band Baajaa, Bride,Marriage,Air brush Technique


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