See Pics - Actress Turned Nun Sofia Hayat Is Getting Married In A Week And The Preparations Are In Full Swing

Actress turned nun Sofia Hayat is tying the knot and here are some pictures to prove that her wedding is going to be a royal affair.

Author: Shreiyakhanna | Updated: April 13, 2017 5:01 IST

Sofia Hayat has always reserved columns in newspapers and magazines for her bold steps and statements. The fire finally came to an end when the actress announced that she has turned into a nun. 

Well, just when we thought that Sofia has given up on her glamourous life, she annouced the news of her wedding. Shocked? So were we! But apparently, Sofia has found the love of her life and the two look super happy together. 

The duo is tying the knot next week and after a series of releasing intimate pictures and so much more, Sofia has given the world a sneak peek into her wedding preparations. Have a look.

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Alchemy in love making can literally manifest anything. This can only be reached in complete submission and trust to each other. Too many people in relationships have blockages, past relationships, fear and judgement of self come into play. If you can allow yourself to be in a position of complete trust, as if one was back in the womb, a place where you are safe and no programmes have been attached to your thoughts from the outside, you are can allow yourself to delve deeper into yourself, and your knowing and connect to the universal source..Mother..and in that paternal connection and can let go, un-tense every emotional muscle and let go of everything that you think you identity of self..dissolving into the great I AM, and in doing so, separation does not exist. No separation of masculine and feminine, of breath, of heart beat..just ONE..a wholeness like the is one 1 light from the the first breath of is the OM..the erotic breath of creation from Mother to Son, to Wife, to daughter to Mother to Oneness.. in that nothing..of.. I AM. Gaia Mother Sofia

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Or should I go for a more desi style wedding dress...tough decisions

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Not sure about this one..

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This would look beautiful with a design wedding dress. I love the diamonds and citrine

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Well, these pictures sure tell that their wedding is going to be every bit grand!

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