You Should Not Add These Songs To Your Wedding Playlist

Bandbaajaa has created a list of songs that are never to be played at a wedding, to stop you making from making the wrong choice that could potentially ruin the wedding.

Author: Tirnasengupta | Updated: January 27, 2017 11:58 IST

Weddings are the celebration of the union of two people in marriage. Indian weddings are known for being big and extravagant with countless functions, and music is one of the most important elements in wedding celebration just after clothes and food. After all what’s a celebration without some music right? Be it music for the dancing baraatis or the entry music for the groom/bride or the bidaai music or music for the pheras, creating a wedding playlist with, just the right songs to set the mood for the ceremony is of great significance. Not every song is appropriate for a wedding and one wrong song can spoil the mood. So Bandbaajaa has created a list of songs that are never to be played at a wedding, to stop you from making the wrong choice that could potentially ruin the wedding. 

Mera Naam Mary – Chinmayi Sripada

Is it ever a good idea to add an item song to a wedding playlist? While this is a popular song, to play this during the wedding ceremony is big no-no. This song is not that good to begin with and is definitely not wedding song material and will surely be a complete turn off.

The Breakup song - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This hit song from Ae dil hai mushkil may have catchy tune that makes you want to dance, but is certainly not appropriate for a wedding. Weddings are all about celebrating love and marriage union, and this song is all about the opposite of it, the name itself should be a major warning. 

Blue eyes - Honey singh 

Rap songs, really? Why would anyone think it is a good idea to play rap songs in a wedding, is beyond any reasoning. Playing this will surely be like a train wreck waiting to happen. It will pummel the wedding vibe and kill the positive mood. 

Bhajan and Bhakti songs 

While Indian wedding ceremony can get very auspicious and religious what with the million rituals and the havaan, and playing some bhajans to match is totally fine. However make sure to play only few, anything more can get irritating and might even make the wedding boring for the guests, surely no one wants that!

Caller tune –Humshakals


While it is okay to do something hatke for your wedding, playing this song is definitely not the way to make heads turn. It is a terrible song to listen, to begin with, no need to experience it during the ceremony #majorcringe.

Hukka bar – Khiladi 786

Stick to instrumentals, soft melodies, temple bells, haunting songs, shehnai and soft dhol for the pheras. Words can not describe how wrong it is to play this song in a wedding; just thinking about it sends shivers down the spine and so not in a good way –urgh-.

DJ wale babu – Badshah


This song may be a party favorite, keep in my mind that you wedding ceremony is not a party. You may get away with playing this song during cocktail party DJ, but it is an absolute no for the ceremony.

London thumakda  Queen

This song is way too mainstream and so overused in weddings that it is best to stay away from it. You can find hundreds of other wedding songs other than this and pretty sure your guests would appreciate not listening to this song once again in a wedding.

Ishq wala love – Student of the year

Well, this is bad music. It may be about love (too much of it considering its full of synonyms of love) and that may make it seem that it is okay for wedding playlist, its just bad. Let’s just go with some old timey soft melodic songs, the older generation will certainly be grateful and will enjoy it and not feel alienated.

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