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We all, as brides, desire the most smooth, flawless makeover without many hassles on our wedding day.

Author: Sharanyajakhmola | Updated: April 21, 2017 7:01 IST

- Sumanya Sehgal

We all, as brides, desire the most smooth, flawless makeover without many hassles on our wedding day. We are all ready to go an extra mile and search for the best bridal makeup artists in India online.


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So, for all those to-be brides who are looking for some amazing makeup artists for their wedding, have a read. Sparsh Unisex Salon has an experience of 10+ years in the field of makeup which makes them specialised in the fields, and also more updated with every nuance of the makeover. They have always managed to go for a different look for different brides making it all the more beautiful.


They have their specialisation in Air-Brush makeover which is one of the most trending makeovers currently. They also do other makeovers like full HD(High Definition). So, it actually depends on the client’s priorities, as in what they want on their wedding day is what they provide them with. When it comes to the makeup products that they are using on the brides, there are all international cosmetic products like MAC, Bobby Brown, among many others. ‘Sparsh Unisex Salon’ also takes into account destination weddings, both national and international.

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And even if it you want them to do your makeover for your pre-wedding shoot, they know how to give a makeover that would suit you for your pre-wedding shoot. As it said, that whatever work we do, we should work with our heart and souls into it, ‘Sparsh Unisex Salon’ does no different and that is what makes them trending. If you want to rock your wedding with SPARSH UNISEX SALON, then, book them now on

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