Extremely Strange Wedding Traditions in India

From being light-hearted and fun, these practices sometimes take a bizarre shape but are still performed due to accepted ancestral norms.

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The pomp and show Indian weddings come with is difficult for any other culture across the world to replicate. Weddings in India are traditionally rich and the practices have so much drama infused in them. From being light-hearted and fun, these practices sometimes take a bizarre shape but are still performed due to accepted ancestral norms.

Most of these wedding traditions are linked to an orthodox frame of mind. They are followed blindly and no alterations are made in order to keep the couple away from any evil spirit. Be it the older generation or the modern one, these strange wedding traditions still exist! Read on to know more.


1. Marrying a Tree

Some women are born in a particular time span which accordingly to astrology makes them Manglik. This Manglik dosh is believed to affect the health of her husband and to get rid of the same, the woman has to marry a tree before she marries her groom. The tree is later destroyed and the bride becomes free of the Manglik dosh. Aishwarya Rai also practiced this tradition before she got married to Abhishek Bachchan.  

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2. Kasi Yatrai

Kasi Yatrai is a practice commonly followed in the Brahmin community but a lot of other Hindu communities also have it as a part of their weddings. According to Kasi Yatrai, the groom, right before entering his wedding mandap changes his mind and plans to go on a sanyaasam (asceticism). The bride’s father then tries to convince his son-in-law by offering him a hand-fan or an umbrella so that the groom chooses to marry his daughter instead.  


3. Welcoming the Baraat With Abuses

Do you think that a relationship which starts on a bad note lasts longer? Well, the Sarsaul tribe of Uttar Pradesh strongly favours this belief and practices the same during their weddings. The bride’s family welcomes the baraat with potatoes and tomatoes in place of flowers. They also use abuses as a welcome note to make the baraat’s entry as unpleasant as possible.


4. Abduction of the Bride

If the bride gets abducted, it sure is bad news but what if her groom abducts her? Well, this is a ritual followed by an ancient tribe in India. The craziest part is that the bride is abducted for a whole year post which the wedding takes place.


5. A Wedding without Mommy!

There is no denying that parents are our pillars of strength but on the wedding day, a Brahmin groom is deprived of one of the pillars as his mom is not allowed to attend her son’s wedding. This customary trend is followed in many other communities as well, as the mother they say is decorating the house for the new member to step in.


6. Saanth

The Saanth tradition is one of the strangest wedding traditions in India. It involves tying the bride’s ankle to that of the groom. Not only this, seven married women pour oil on their heads and then the couple is supposed to wear a new shoe and break an earthen pot with it. But this is not the end of it, the groom’s relatives tear off his clothes to remove any evil spirit off him!


7. Gaye Holud

On the day of a Bengali wedding, the haldi ceremony also called gaye Holud includes decorating a big Rohu fish as a bride and sending it to the grooms house along with wedding dress, gifts, sweets and much more. As a part of tradition, the Rohu fish is made to wear a nose pin and is draped in a red dupatta.

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8. A Balance Test

According to Bihari wedding customs, a bride has to undergo a balance test which they believe would judge how well she is able to balance her family. This test includes adjusting and stabilizing a huge earthen pot on her head while she bends to seek the blessings of her in-laws. Not just this, the number of pots gradually keeps increasing to make it even harder for the newly-wed.

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9. Madhuparka

Madhuparka is a customary wedding tradition followed in some parts of Gujarat and more than being strange, this tradition sounds gross. As soon as the groom enters the wedding mandap, the parents of the bride are supposed to clean his feet with a mixture of milk and honey. Furthermore, to complete the ceremony, the groom has to drink a portion of the same mixture before the wedding commences.

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10. Free the Fish

Manipuri weddings believe in removing any evil spirit which may harm the newly-wed couple. To ensure the same, the couple has to release a pair of fish in a nearby pond and if the fish move side-by-side, it is considered a good omen.

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Weren’t these wedding traditions just so out of the box? In case you know of any such traditions, let us know by signing up on Bandbaajaa.com.

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