You Can't Go Wrong With These Style Lessons For A Newly-wed Bride

style lessons which will give the gorgeous Indian attire an interesting modern twist. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Nidhibakhru | Updated: January 15, 2016 6:41 IST

Conventionally, with marriage comes the compulsion of sticking to strictly Indian wear. But not anymore, today’s modern Indian bride chooses to be independent of the banal societal norms and holds the power to make her own decisions. For this newlywed bride who is a compound of beauty, grace, independence and power, we bring you range of style lessons which will give the gorgeous Indian attire an interesting modern twist.



A pair of black and white Patiala is a must have. They could be teamed up with the much in vogue crop tops and chic boleros. Even a simple Patiala with a smart Kurti and embellished with a few accessories is enough to make you look perfect. 



Small yet significant, bindis add an extra touch of Indian freshness and elegance. Not just Indian attire but bindis perfectly complement western outfits as well. Interestingly, a bindi has astonishing scientifically proven health benefits like relieving headaches, clearing sinuses and strengthening facial muscles. 



The most beautiful aspect of wearing long skirts is the seamless amalgamation of Indian grace and Western chic. Plain long skirts can be coupled with gorgeous chikan worked blouses. This ‘lucknowi chikan work ‘gives an elegant touch to the attire. If not chikan, even embroidered blouses would complement these skirts just as fine. Conversely, a plain blouse can be worn with an embroidered long skirt. Another unique idea could be of wearing vegetable coloured long skirts having a typically gorgeous texture and print.



This exquisite ‘bagh’ embroidery can easily be incorporated on any part of your attire. A graceful bagh dupatta can be carried along with a smart pair of complementing monochrome cigarette pants and shirt. Yes, you read the right thing, pants and shirt. This style gives a whole lot of freshness to your attire while maintaining its traditional aspect due to the bagh dupatta. 



It is truly said there is nothing as beautiful as a saree. Every Indian girl looks unquestionably her best in a saree. No matter how much sarees are subjected to experimenting, its beauty remains unblemished. The new trend of wearing plain sarees with heavily embroidered or printed blouses is a must try. Also, Chantilly lace sarees are absolutely exquisite. There is nothing that can match up to the chic and beauty of a saree.

Most importantly don’t forget to love yourself and carry that shining smile of yours with confidence. 

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